League of Women Voters

Here is the link to the Utah League of Women Votes profile: http://www.lwvutah.org/votersguide/Utah_House/Jeff_Bell.html Take a moment, read a bit.

The Deseret News Voter’s Guide

Take a moment and look at a side by side comparison of myself and Mr. Tanner. I’d like to think that the differences are pretty obvious. http://voterguide.deseretnews.com/candidate-detail.do?id=10716686

Quality Government

Quality Government The quality of government depends on the quality of the people who lead it. We need leaders who tell us the truth and keep their promises. We need leaders who represent the people who elected them, not the special interests who paid for their...

Jobs and the Economy

Jobs and Economy We need leaders who don’t just talk about family values but actually value families. Parents are working harder to keep up with the cost of living, often taking two jobs to make ends meet, and seeing less – and less of their families and...