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Do This First!

Our very good friend Jocelyn, from Geek Therapist, unexpectedly lost her wife, Kaya Christensen, this Saturday. If you could take a moment to help her family with the funeral costs, we know it would be very appreciated. CLICK HERE TO HELP

The LEFT Show Links 

Trump becomes 45th President of the United States AUTO PLAYS
Historical Things Jan 20 
1942 Nazi officials hold notorious Wannsee conference in Berlin
1942 Japanese invade Burma
10 Weird Moments From The Trump Inauguration
White House website promotes Melania Trump’s modeling and jewelry line
Trump’s unusual photo choice for his brand-new Twitter handle
GOP Doesn’t Want Public To Know How Much Obamacare Repeal Will Cost
Chelsea Manning to be freed in four months
Valerie Plame: CIA outing ‘colossally stupid’
DeVos says there might be a need for guns in schools because of potential bears
Conn. Republican arrested for grabbing woman’s genitals
Trump adviser Reed Cordish was sued for allegedly paying white men to attack black customers

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Do This First!

Our very good friend Jocelyn, from Geek Therapist, unexpectedly lost her wife, Kaya Christensen, this Saturday. If you could take a moment to help her family with the funeral costs, we know it would be very appreciated. CLICK HERE TO HELP

World’s Greatest Links! 

Ike Perlmutter’s Role As Trump Advisor Won’t Affect Status As Marvel CEO
Rep. John Lewis’ Graphic Novel Skyrockets After Trump Twitter Storm
Marvel Revises Digital Code Program, Adds ‘Bonus Digital Comics’
DC is Raising Prices, and How Readers Can Take Advantage
Miles Morales Will Headline Sony’s Animated Spider-Man Film
‘Deadpool’ beautifully trolls a “For Your Consideration” awards video


Miguel Ferrer’s Albert Rosenfield Will Always Be the Best Twin Peaks Character
TV’s Jughead Won’t Be Canon, Will Want Sex
NBC’s Powerless Breaks the Canon With a Stupid Wayne Cousin
FOX’s ‘X-Men’ TV Series May Feature Sentinels
Everyone Sings in the Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Will Sing

World’s Greatest Links 243

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Superman Is Getting a New Outfit That Is Basically the Same Outfit, But Better
Batman V Superman Tops Razzies Shortlist
Batman and the Flash Are Teaming Up to Uncover DC Rebirth’s Watchmen Mystery
Green Lantern Corps Movie Signs Writers, Will Be ‘Lethal Weapon in Space’
Disney Is Negotiating With Carrie Fisher’s Estate for More Leia (UPDATED)
** Se7en’s Iconic Ending Only Happened Because of a Lucky Accident
** Justice League Photo Finally Unites the Team
Start Planning Your Viewing Party, Twin Peaks Finally Has a Premiere Date
Please Let the Hook For Marvel’s Defenders Series Be Daredevil’s Giant Literal Plot Hole
Rest Easy, The Arrow-Verse Isn’t Going Anywhere
The Supergirl/Flash Musical Crossover Has Found Its Villain
The CW Revives Matt Ryan’s Constantine as Animated Series
Could Riverdale Lead To A Shared CW Archie-verse?


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Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dies at 60 AUTO PLAY
Carrie Fisher’s Brother Todd Brings Prozac Pill-Shaped Urn to Funeral AUTO PLAY
Star Wars 8 Already Finished Filming “Larger Role” as General Organa
Blade Runner 2049 Has an R Rating, Possible Sequels, and New Photos
Doctor Strange SteelBook Blu-ray Wields The Eye of Agamotto
Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Reportedly Appearing in INFINITY WAR
One Publisher Returning to Newsprint For Comic Book Printing
The Extended Riverdale Trailer Is Here and Everything Is Perfect
‘Doll Squad’ and ‘Batman’ Actress Francine York Dies at 80
Paramount Television Enters Partnership With Federation Entertainment
‘Frontier’: Jason Momoa’s New Netflix Drama Gets Trailer
Conan O’Brien Format Change Under Consideration at TBS

TLS 312 Links

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Putin ‘personally involved’ in undermining U.S. election
The Unfolding Chronicle of WTF
China Has Seized a US Navy Underwater Drone in the South China Sea
Customer fat-shamed a teenage ice cream store
“What I’m Doing Is Right, Because It’s Always Right To Help People”
Department of Energy Tells Trump to Go Screw Himself
Now you can fact-check Trump’s tweets — in the tweets themselves
Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans
How US journalists normalized the rise of Hitler and Mussolini

TWGCBP Links for 240

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Godzilla Sequel Title Revealed AUTO PLAYS –
The Batman on Track to Shoot Spring 2017 Says Ben Affleck –
UN Says Wonder Woman’s Ambassadorship Always Meant to End in December –
Report: Hugh Jackman Took a Pay Cut for ‘Logan’s R Rating –
‘Jurassic World’ Sequel Adds ‘The Get Down’ Star Justice Smith –
Another Justice Leaguer is Coming to The Flash AUTO PLAYS –
An Exclusive Look at the New Funko ‘Lost’ Figurines –
Agents of SHIELD ‘Slingshot’ Digital Series Released Online –
New Duck Tales! –
Con Man Season Two Clips: Alan Tudyk Deals With His Insane New Agent –

Links for SHOWS! 12-11-2016

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The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast Links
Riz Ahmed Doesn’t Think Much Of #DumpStarWars
No, That’s Not Ganke In The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer
R.L Stine Is Writing Man-Thing for Marvel Comics
Television Talk Down
Sherlock’ Season 4 Teaser
‘Days of Our Lives’ Villain Stefano DiMera, Dies at 87
‘Doctor Who’ Is Back in 2016 Christmas Special
J.J. Abrams Developing Space Drama ‘Glare’ With HBO
“Gilmore Girls” offered an escape for Marines who fought in Iraq
The LEFT Show Links! 
Trump Threatens to Cancel Air Force One Order, Boeing Stock Slips
Trump Picks Climate Denialist Currently Suing The EPA To Head The EPA
CIA Concludes Russian Interference Aimed To Elect Trump
McConnell Covered Up CIA Reports That Russian Hacks Were Aimed At Electing Trump
Donald Trump takes aim at US intelligence community on Russia
Merry Christmas! Here’s a House Republican Plan to Cut Social Security.
Fucking idiot Trump voters are going to get fucked
Gay Mike Pence Doppelgänger Is Collecting Money For LGBTQ Causes
Utah GOP Pushes Bill Claiming Abortions Can Be Undone
Utah’s most prominent deadbeat: the state GOP

Links for The LEFT Show – 12-05-2016

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White Voters Who Helped Elect Trump Are Headed for Some Serious Pain
Donald Trump Insists That Wages Are ‘Too High’
The House Science Committee just tweeted a Breitbart article
‘Santa is WHITE. BOYCOTT Mall of America’
2,000 Veterans Just Arrived at Standing Rock to Form Human Shield Around Protestors

LINKS! The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast

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Ron Glass: ‘He Got There With Grace, Humor, and Enormous Heart’
Marvel Announces X-Men Jean Grey Series
Fully singleplayer MechWarrior 5 announced, coming in 2018
Anthony Michael Hall Facing Seven Years
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Gets a New Trailer
The Flash Finally Revealed the Truth About Tom Felton’s Character AUTO PLAY
How Did the CW’s Third Superhero Crossover Compare to Past Years? AUTO PLAY
Two Lost MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Episodes Have Been Unearthed
Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, and Michelle Yeoh NewStar Trek Cast

Links for Nov 21 and 22

Posted By on November 20, 2016

Emilia Clarke Joins ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff
Jessica Chastain Boards ‘Painkiller Jane’ For Lotus Entertainment & Solipsist Films
BREAKING: King Kong Continues to Be a Giant Gorilla
Paramount Plans Darker, More Modern Green Hornet Reboot AUTO PLAY
First He Loses MJOLNIR, Now UNWORTHY THOR Has Lost His Artist
March Book Three Wins National Book Award
At 95, Al Jaffee Talks Censorship, Satire, and Political Hot Air
The Term ‘Graphic Novel’ Has Had A Good Run. We Don’t Need It Anymore
The Grand Tour! – AWESOME
Netflix VP on ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival: ‘Wherever They Lead, We Will Follow’
‘Stargate’ Reboot Cancelled; Is ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ to Blame?
HBO confirms talks with George RR Martin over ‘Game Of Thrones’ spin-off series
‘Westworld’, ‘Divorce’ & ‘Insecure’ Renewed For Season 2 By HBO
‘Hawaii Five-O’: Masi Oka Exiting CBS Drama Series After Seven Seasons
UPDATED: President-elect Trump Demands Apology from HAMILTON Cast
Michael Shannon: Trump Voters Are A ‘Big Red Dildo’ That Fucked Us All
Jon Stewart explains why he doesn’t believe all Donald Trump supporters are racist
Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’
Sanders named to Senate leadership post
Keith Ellison would be a bold pick for DNC chair — and a controversial one
Howard Dean Has A 50-State, 50-Year Plan For The DNC