Coal Mine Tragedy = Robert Murray is a Megalomaniac Blivet

Posted By on August 8, 2007

I’m spitting this out quickly, and angrily, so forgive me if I skip around.

Bob Murray is a self loving, soulless and dangerous BLIVET.

The first time I heard about Bob Murray, owner of Murray Energy Corporation was a few years back amid rumors of illegal anti-Union practices at Crandall Canyon Mine in Emery County, Utah. There were complaints of alleged intimidation and threats when the mine employees were considering unionizing but, as far as I know, nothing was ever investigated or looked into.

The second time was when anonymous phone calls were made to the USDC voter fraud hotline in 2006 alleging that a letter, from Bob Murray, read aloud to employees on Election Day, stated that if it were found that they hadn’t voted Republican, they’d be fired.

So, when it turned out that the mine tragedy on the news was at the Crandall mine, Bob Murray was on my mind. When I saw his press conference, Bob Murray was on my last nerve.

When Bob Murray rushed to the microphones for a press conference concerning the miners trapped at the bottom of a coal mine, at least that’s what the media thought, he decided to talk about himself, his company, the importance of the coal industry to America, himself, his company and himself some more.

Then he blamed God. Or, rather, an act of God.

Then he blamed Congress, God, male pattern baldness (seriously), and Congress again.

You see, Bob Murray wants you to know that the coal mining industry is under attack by congress and global warming activists. Bob Murray wants you to know that coal mining is an “essential” industry for us poor folk who want affordable electricity.

Bob Murray wants you to know that his mine didn’t cause the earthquake that collapsed the tunnel. In fact, Bob Murray wants you, once this inconvenience of this act of God is over, to take a tour of the mine with him. Come see what the wonderful world of American Coal is all about. It makes me wonder if, when someone accepts his invitation, he’ll hide all the Mexican Nationals he has working there (Republicans hate Mexicans).

Then Bob mentioned the six trapped miners, 1500 feet underground, in the Crandall Canyon Mine in Emery County, Utah. It’s important to note that he mentioned the miners for the first time only SEVEN minutes into his prepared release.

While no one was looking for someone to blame (yet) Bob Murray started trying to cover his ass. He wanted you and the media to stop talking about the over 300 safety violations his mine has been cited for over the last couple of years. He wants you to fret about the economics advantages to coal mining, and the legislation that has him all upset.

All the media, the families and the folks watching TV wanted to know at this point was that Bob Murray’s company is doing everything it can do to save our trapped miners, and to help their families get through this difficult situation.

Maybe, just maybe, Bob Murray would be the world’s most transparent and pathetic BLIVET this week if he had started his press conference off with what is the most important topic: the rescue operation for the trapped miners.

Listening to Bob Murray go on and on about any issue EXCEPT for the miners for SEVEN MINUTES before he even mentioned them, shows that a hard right-wing, profit driven, anti-union, corporate-welfare Onanist, chucklehead like Bob Murray is a colossal waste of skin.

Listen to Bob Murray’s press conference at and let me know what you think.

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