Important Conversations about Important Topics – Dictator Bush

Posted By on December 7, 2007

In the comments section of my post about Dictator Bush’s Plan For A Bush Led Empire, my friend JC Carter, talented contributor here at JM, made the following statement:

JC Carter said,

in December 5th, 2007 at 10:32 pm edit

Well if I wasn’t scared shitless before, I am now. One silver lining to winding up in a concentration camp, Jeff, we’d definitely lose weight.

That prompted the following IM conversation:

 me: very nice. Holocaust humor.

JC: I believe in calling it what it is. I figure we’ll be locked up fairly quickly

me: you could have said internment camp,

JC: maybe a re-education camp?

me: but, I know that you’re probably, prophetically correct

JC: helluva weight loss program. Of course, if we wound up in one we’d probably find a way to turn it into Hogan’s Heroes

me: DUDE! SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! They’re listening. I know Nusssink!

JC: I know no-sink!

me: if we end up at the same camp, can we start a musical theater group?

JC: Sure, why?

me: Because then the waterboarding wont seem so bad.

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3 Responses to “Important Conversations about Important Topics – Dictator Bush”

  1. Misty Fowler says:

    Am I a bad person for laughing?

  2. Megan R. says:

    Oh my God! That was the funniest thing I’ve read this week. I can’t stop laughing. Oh, my bad!

  3. JC Carter says:

    Jeff and I are much funnier as a team… we need a morning radio show or something.