My ears are burning …

Posted By on May 28, 2008

Over at the very exclusive Utah’s Forum for Radio, they were discussing a very important topic … who the hell is the liberal on KSL every Saturday afternoon from 4-5pm?

That’d be me, folks. Howdy, I’m local.

Hello folks. I was listening to KSL on Saturday. They now have a person on there named Jeff Bell from 4:00 to 5:00 on Saturday. He is a liberal. Who exactly is Jeff Bell? I dare Bonneville Communications to put him on 3 hours a day during the week. Here is what I would have. After Sean Hannity, I would still keep the 4:00 7:00 news. But after that I would put Jeff Bell on from 7:00 10:00 then Ethan Miller from 10:00 to 1:00 AM. Or is that to much to ask Bonneville Communications to do? Then KSL could really say they are fair and balanced if they wanted to.

Thank you CommanderLumpy, I think that you’re a genius! Brilliant!

Let me cover the rest of the stuff, too:

Henry – Local AND National (well, I have traveled, but I live in SLC)

Amanuensis – HEY HEY Back on topic!

Tomkvnu – You forgot two years with the DNC, several campaigns, professional political wonk, etc. etc. For a guy with a man crush, you need to read up a little. Try HERE.

Thanks, Tom (H/T)

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8 Responses to “My ears are burning …”

  1. Tom Grover says:

    Damn right I’ve got a man crush!

    And I’m jealous!

    You’ve been doing a weekend gig for a few weeks and get a FULL THREAD on the forum. I’ve been doing M-F drive time for over two years and get nothing!

    Very jealous! You must be doing something right, my friend!

  2. The brooklyn baller says:

    Great show Saturday J.M.! I loved your input on the soon to be extinquished attorney general, “I’m just kinda, ethically, challenged” Shurtleff.

  3. Ethan says:

    Who is this Ethan Miller guy?

  4. Misty Fowler says:

    Haha, someone (dolt) called you “too conservative” in that thread.

  5. JM Bell says:

    You know, I don’t get told that very often. Dolt seems fitting, unless he was being sarcastic.

  6. Willie says:

    Very weak talk show on Saturday. The simplistic epithets (Republicans only want to give tax cuts to yhe rich – Hey Jeff, who else pays taxes?, etc.) were made to elicit a response and not to generate intelligent dialog. Your factual basis was less than a conservative talk host such as Hannity or OReily and that’s pretty insulting. As a non-Republican conservative, yes we do exist, I am disappointed at the left wing’s income redistribution/welfare fascination. Read Altals Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

  7. JM Bell says:

    Willie – this thread is a year old. Nice job trying to hide from front page scrutiny.

    I pay taxes. I’m self employed, and own a small business. My tax rate is around 30 – 36% (depending on how I do) UP from 22-26% in the Clinton era. I’m not making more than 60k a year. Someone making 250k a year has a tax rate around 10 – 13%. I want to pay that percentage, but I can’t, because there are no REPUBLICANS advocating on my middle class behalf.

    So, shove your Socialist Calling up your ass and tell me why raising the 250k percentages up about 5 points and dropping mine down about 5 points makes you act like such a right wing, knee jerk chucklehead?

    Why are you conservatives so keen on class warfare against the middle class?

    It’s not wealth re-distribution – it’s far too small a move toward parity.

  8. Rob says:

    Mr. Bell,

    Take your liberal policies and shove them up your ass you fucking liberal cocksucker.