Sarah Palin – What color is the sky in her world? [idiot]

Posted By on July 7, 2009

So … ABC got a chance to talk to Sarah Palin and, unlike everyone else on TV, she didn’t talk about about Michael Jackson. She should have, but she didn’t.

Gov. Palin is pissed at bloggers and the media and, in a tizzy for that makes Utah’s own Mark Towner look level headed and serene, Sarah Palin is going to sue everyone, EVERYONE! who has ever been rude to her.

My guess is – she’ll run for Princess of America and when she wins, she’ll ride up to the gates of her candy palace on her Unicorn and turn her “Department of Law” loose upon the land.

From ABC news –

But when I asked Palin if she ever decided to pursue national office again, as she did less than a year ago when she joined Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the race for the White House, wouldn’t she encounter the same political blood sport? Can such ugliness ever be avoided?

Palin said there is a difference between the White House and what she has experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House the “department of law” would protect her from baseless ethical allegations.

“I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out,” she said.

So … have you ever, in your wildest, weirdest dreams did you ever think that the GOP would find a national figurehead that makes G.W.B. look like a MENSA member? There is no “Department of Law” – not only in the White House, but, as far as I know, in any government agency in America.

AND – if there were – why would it protect Princess Palin and not, say, the ACTUAL PRESIDENT from the baseless alegations of, say, Princess Palin and the other bat-shit crazy GOP Wingnuts?

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4 Responses to “Sarah Palin – What color is the sky in her world? [idiot]”

  1. Bob Henline says:

    Most excellent, Jeff.

  2. Dylan Schneider says:

    Princess Palin vs. JM Bell…. now THAT is a match I would like to see! Even better yet, how about you take on Tina Fey as Sarah Palin – there we go – excellent.

  3. Sheryl Ginsberg. says:

    Well, that Department of Law helped George W. Bush, Doncha know.

  4. Davis Didjeridu says:

    Just thought you should know about this:
    I’m don’t mean to start a flame war, but it is interesting the responses he has. And by interesting I mean nonsensical.