#32 The LEFT Show – The Missing Pieces

Posted By on March 20, 2012

This week on The LEFT Show – JC, Forrest and JM Bell go once more unto the breach of the GOP Castle of Misogyny and Bigotry! Goldman Sachs? TAKE DOWN! GOPper Legislatures acting all inbred and short sighted? KA-POW! Pat Bagley and Gary Trudeau? TRUMPETS and TICKER TAPE! Santorum, Romney, Newt and Ronny? BA-BA-BA-BOOM!

Then … a vast right wing consipracy enters the picture and bad things – Very Bad Things happen … SURPRISE TWIST ENDING!

All this and more ..

CLICK HERE #32 The LEFT Show – The Missing Pieces

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


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