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  • Finishing off Hold 322 with JC Carter and I – this week's special supervillain Peter Westbrook! The LEFT Show recording next … #
  • RIP, Sean Bean #
  • #36 The LEFT Show – A Great Man: This week on the left show, Jon, Forrest and I are stood up… #
  • It's Monday! Your Special The LEFT Show Fun Day! JC Carter, Forrest Shaw and your ever humble JM Bell join forces… #
  • RT @ByronYork: Romney's Afghanistan position is flexible enough to encompass immediate withdrawal or indefinite war. #
  • For more information – how about this week's episode of The LEFT Show –

    ALEC members in Utah’s legislature… #

  • Earthquake Drill? I guess I'll die at my desk, just like if this were an actual emergency. #
  • #61 – Prettiest Presence in Broadcasting #
  • Got a new poll invite today, and I don't understand this question AT ALL: "Do you believe a delegate is obligated… #
  • I need a loan … Or a better class of Santa #
  • Trying to get Brian Faulkner to bring me back a Space Shuttle when he comes home from Washington DC – They have a… #
  • The LEFT Show is going to be recording LIVE at the Utah State Democratic Party's 2012 Convention this SATURDAY…. #
  • This was fantastic. How did I miss it? #
  • The War on Women is real – Democrats can't back down now #
  • RT @HuffPostPol: House Dems introduce legislation that would allow low-income stay-at-home moms to receive welfare #
  • RT @RobertGehrke: Poll also showed @freedomworks with 16% favorable, 62% unfavorable rating. #utpol #
  • RT @thinkprogress: Catholic priest receives standing ovation after shunning anti-marriage equality petition #
  • Were (not) goin swingin
    Were (not) gonna swing in the crowd
    And well (not) be clingin
    And floatin high ON a cloud #
  • "People ask me, “Why don’t you guys get together?” And I say, “Exactly how much would you expect me to cooperate… #
  • Hey, Jake, did you hear that we're recording a live remote for The LEFT Show on Saturday at the Salt Palace?… #
  • So … The Pentagon loses more than 16 BILLION Dollars – cash – in Iraq a few years back to almost no media… #
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  • It's like bad grammar day on the political interwebs today. #
  • RT @kurtbestor: From the "Things that make me grit my teeth" file: The little squealing pig sound on the Geico … #
  • I love the Beginning 10 minutes and the last 7 of this tune. #
  • The LEFT Show is going to be recording at Saturday's Utah State Democratic Convention at the Rampton Convention… #
  • Weston has most of the Info, because Weston always has the most info. #
  • In short, if this election were a movie, Pete Ashdown would be played by Ryan Gosling. And we all know what that… #
  • RT @thesidetrack: More Cowbell #utpol #utdem @JMBell #
  • So much to do, and I'm uncontested. Couldn't even get chairs for the Taylor / Mayne. Busy couple of weeks. #utdem #JMBfor43 #
  • RT @SLCoFemDems: @JMBell Please spread the word that this is the alt account to follow until the shenanigans stop ! #
  • I Will Destroy You #
  • RT @UtahDemocrats: Democrats, have you seen this? Too good! #utpol #utdem #
  • THIS should be the new Cooke/Rampton Lawnsign – #utdem #utgop #utpol #utleg #
  • RT @lizzwinstead: Why do people vote for congressmen who do nothing more than verbally shit in the punch bowl on National TV? #
  • I'm just going to leave this right here … #
  • Pointing no fingers, calling no blame – it's hard as hell to plan a year out when your timetable belongs to other… #
  • RT @lartist: I'm still shilling! A Cause Worth Dye-ing For 😉 #
  • RT @pourmecoffee: Romney is Benjamin Button. He's working his way back to his younger positions and expects you to meet him in the middle. #
  • RT @HeartlessQuotes: OUR GENERATION doesn't ring the doorbell… we text or call to say we're outside. #
  • RT @kellyoxford: Nancy Grace's voice makes us die faster. #
  • Awfully trafficy down town. #
  • In my seat and ready to be speechified at. Do we have a hashtag for this this 2 day Convention Thingy? #utdem #
  • WTF, 4am!?! BLAH! #
  • We apologize for the appearance of today's The LEFT Show are. We were told, as a casual aside, LAST NIGHT, that,… #
  • We apologize for the appearance of today's The LEFT Show booth. We were told, as a casual aside, LAST NIGHT,… #
  • Most imporatant task at 4am waking: put pants in the dryer. Remebered and realized: 510am, 10 minutes before I'm supposed to leave. #
  • We are RECORDING The LEFT Show at the Utah State Democratic Convention- Guests so far –

    1 – Billie Larson
    2-… #

  • Long, long day in the West Wendover section of the Salt Palace. The LEFT Show was a lot of fun, lots of great… #
  • @BenWinslow – sorry to miss your "where are you" tweet. I had no antenna feed on my phone and the wi-fi was like a 33.6 modem. #
  • RT @MrWordsWorth: Dick Clark will be cremated, and his ashes scattered so they can follow and taunt Ryan Seacrest wherever he goes. #
  • @elforesto – wait – it's still going on? #
  • RT @RobertGehrke: @mckaycoppins Can't crawl into their heads, but my interpretation was that it was him calling her a novelty. #
  • @elforesto – That's harsh. I might just wait till tomorrow to extol the wonders of paper balloting. #
  • RT @curtbentley: Bad day for the PHC at #UTGop Convention: Wimmer, Sandstrom, Herrod + Sumsion all go down to defeat… #utpol #utgop #
  • RT @thomaswburr: I love the instant rumor mill suggesting Mia Love as @MittRomney's running mate. #notlikelymyfriends #
  • RT @KJinDC7: .@carlwimmer isn't the nom for ut04??? Lololololololololololololollolololololollolololol #utpol #
  • Tomorrow, @MarkShurtleff will claim he didn't actually say it, you commies! Monday, Doug Wright will ride to his rescue. #utgop #utpol #
  • oopsie #
  • RT @LOLGOP: REPORT: Tagg Romney in intensive care after a particularly brutal Rickrolling. #
  • RT @diversityutah: @elforesto @JMBell sad…but funny, too… #
  • SuperDems and GOPpers – g'night. I have a long editing day making sense of the mess of a @theleftshow we recorded to day. #utpol #
  • Pete Ashdown for United States Senate: Full Text of My Convention Speech #
  • I posted 89 photos on Facebook in the album "April 2012 Political Fun Time Photos" #

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