#50 – The LEFT Show – Meaning No Harm

Posted By on June 28, 2012

Holy Buckets, 50 shows … that’s two episodes less than a year of shows. First, thanks to everyone that listens, downloads and shares the show with others. Thank you. To you folks who have donated over the last year – thank you even more.

We spent a few minutes talking about yesterday’s primary, and let Ryan Combe know how much we appreciated his time, notice and incredible good looks. We have more on the Satan Worshiping ALEC, we call Rep. Issa a dipshit, and we count to 7. Or 5. I can’t remember.

Jason is back with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy – we’re talking about FISA!

All this and more …


#50 – The LEFT Show – Meaning No Harm

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


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