#78 – The LEFT Show – Commando Style

Posted By on October 6, 2012

Jake, Forrest and JM Bell take another look at the Mark Crockett for County Mayor’s race, and actually manage to spend some time talking about the REAL problem of Voter REGISTRATION Fraud, courtesy of the GOP. Jim Webb has a couple of things to say about Mitt Romney and the Military while Mia Love does a happy dance at the results of a VERY shallow poll, among GOP voters that shows her ahead of Jim Matheson. The mayor of Phoenix, Arizona lived for a week on a food stamp budget and found it icky.

The Repuglican’ts dive off the deep end and start slut-shaming The President’s MOTHER – because Repuglican’ts are sometimes the most awful people the planet let survive.

Jason Williams breaks down religion and the electorate in a new Bat Sh@t Crazy.

All this and more …

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