#87 – The LEFT Show – Election Eve Spectacular!

Posted By on November 9, 2012

Happy Election Eve, folks!

On this extra special election special The LEFT Show spectacular (was that enough, Forrest?) Jeff, Jake, Jon and Forrest are joined by Robert Easton to discuss all the little things you need to know (or gossip about) before you vote tomorrow – unless you’re one of the 350,000 Utahns that already voted.

 While polling shows that Obama will most likely get his second term, Utah Democrats prepare for the much mentions, often taunted “Dempocalypse” on Tuesday night. This would allow some greedy, money grubbing chucklehead, like Mike Noel for instance, to run for Speaker of the Utah House and remove all obstacles to his plans for statewide domination. Oh, and FEMA funds are available for flood victims in Washington County, but I’m sure that the Republicans down there will turn it down.

Millcreek: to city or not to city? That is the question. Those who want it can’t stop lying and cheating, those against it play by the rules. The gents weigh in as best they can.

The bigger question involves months of rumors about John Swallow, the FBI, Mark Shurtleff and some new stuff about Jeremy Johnson shopping a piece of incriminating audio – before he goes back to jail. With this much noise out there, why is there a press blackout on these?

All this and MORE!

#87 The LEFT Show Spectacular!

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