#106 – The LEFT Show – Snow? OMG! Everyone Panic!

Posted By on February 3, 2013


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Well, well, well … Turns out that both Sgt. Jake and Colin Smith are afraid of a little snow. I know that the snow wasn’t bad because Ben Winslow from Fox 13 did have a panic attack all over my Twitter feed. If he’s not freaking out, then neither am I. Boom!

So … yeah, it’s just me and Forrest and, you know what? Not too shabby! Really!

Welcome to the first day of the 2013 Utah Legislative Session! NOW is when you panic. Right. Now. 

Johnny Swallow is in deeper trouble with the Feds this time, and sending a letter asking government agencies NOT to destroy evidence is a thing now. A group of doctors ganged up on the Governor begging him to call an emergency due to poison air, he said it needed more study … because being the Governor means you automatically understand science stuff. Right?

Mike Lee is an asshole, and he has other assholes to do his evil bidding, and Hillary Clinton kicks some ass and takes some names.

OH! And, Sarah Palin lost her job at FOX NEWS! Seriously!

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