#119 – The LEFT Show – Outrage Fatigue

Posted By on March 15, 2013


 #119 The LEFT Show Give It Up <– Click To Listen

It’s a special The US Senate episode of The LEFT Show. JC Carter 616, Ultimate Bob, Forrest Shaw 616, and J.M. Bell 616, get together to talk about the Rand Paul Fake Filibuster, the fake filibusters to come, more fake things, and, of course, the simple fact the the GOPpers just don’t understand about poor people.

Who the hell am I boycotting this week? Joss Whedon gets taken to task for reasons unknown, the lie of The American Dream, and our new, and ongoing, List of Things Obama Has Actually Done OK. Listen in, folks!

LISTENER MAIL – BSC – http://bit.ly/13NLCym
Senators Introduce Legislation To Close Loophole Allowing For Large-Scale Cruelty To Puppies http://bit.ly/13NK5IA
Rand Paul’s Paranoid Rant They Called a Filibuster http://bit.ly/13NKbjt
Senators expect more ‘talking filibusters’ after Rand Paul marathon http://bit.ly/13NKafq
It Turns Out Rand Paul’s Filibuster Was a Pre-Planned Scam for Cash – http://bit.ly/YREJUW
4 Things Politicians Will Never Understand About Poor People – http://bit.ly/13NLpLp


Request Your Wallet Sized Boycott Guide! http://bit.ly/13NLjU0
Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ Slut-Shaming, And Hero And Claudio’s Story http://bit.ly/13NLtL8
Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth – http://nyti.ms/13NLvTv
Updated And Expanded List Of 212 Obama Accomplishments, With Citations! http://bit.ly/13NLHlH

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