128 The LEFT Show – The Perry Weep [FIXED]

Posted By on May 4, 2013


128 The LEFT Show – Texas Weeps

Hello little bunnies! It’s a strange kind of reflective week we have in front of us, so … let’s get to it, eh? Alex Cragun from Slug Magazine joined J.M. Bell, Forrest, and FNG Ultimate Bob in the studio to cover all the bits and pieces you see below you. It was fun. Listen in!

Clean Up from Last Week
White House blows off GOP pleas, will follow the law http://on.msnbc.com/17qYaec
Gov. Rick Perry ‘disgusted’ by cartoon mocking lack of regulations in Texas http://bit.ly/17qYl9p
FAA suspends employee furloughs, bill held up by typos http://nbcnews.to/17qYg5N
Keystone Pipeline Will Create Only 35 Permanent Jobs, Emit 51 Coal Plants’ Worth Of Carbon http://bit.ly/17qYI3J
Trauma Centers Saved Hundreds Of Lives In Boston Last Week, So Why Are We Shutting Them Down? http://bit.ly/17qYObB
http://youtu.be/_aYzQb6cc5E  RIP Christina Amphlett
Shatner calls out Star Trek writers in hilarious Twitter exchange http://bit.ly/17qYUjJ
Akin Says He’s Relived ‘Legitimate Rape’ Remarks ‘Too Many Times’ http://bit.ly/17qZm19
CAND #1 – Christian fundamentalists are driving our country into the Dark Ages http://bit.ly/17qXEgf
CAND #2 – 2nd child of Pa. couple dies after only praying  http://bit.ly/17qXIg8
The KSL News Not News Story of the Week!
Llama meat trendy, but makes some hesitate http://bit.ly/17qYZnm

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