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Secret Deodorant Debuts Groundbreaking Transgender Ad
Bob Dylan Finally Acknowledges Nobel Prize, “Absolutely” Wants to Attend Ceremony
Hillary Clinton demands answers and Democrats call foul as FBI reopens email investigation
Making a killing under Obamacare
Militarized Police Collaboration With Oil Companies at Standing Rock
White Militants Acquitted While Native Protestors Maced, Beaten » Second Nexus

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  1. G stroup says:

    If Clinton and Trump bash each other to a near tie. And Evan Mcmullin wins Utah, denying anyone 270 electoral votes. Then, by law, the incoming Congress would decide the next President from the three of them. Mcmullin is THE ONLY candidate with the integrity that the office of President requires and by this route Congress could make the correct choice. DENY 270! VOTE MCMULLIN.

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