#245 World’s Greatest Links

Posted By on January 29, 2017

Actor John Hurt of ‘Elephant Man,’ ‘Midnight Express’ and ‘Alien’ dies at 77 http://cnn.it/2jJQgbP
Reynolds Graciously Comments on Deadpool’s Oscar Shutout http://bit.ly/2jJJN0u
Warner Bros. Thinks Ryan Reynolds Would Be Green Lantern Again http://bit.ly/2jJIzSQ
New York Times Drops Graphic Novels Best Sellers List http://bit.ly/2jJQdgj
IDW’s Jem and the Holograms Takes a Bow in April, But an Encore is Planned http://bit.ly/2jJKC9L
ABC Orders SciFi Pilot That Rips Off a South Park Episode http://bit.ly/2jJQmjR
Riverdale’s New Comic Creator Site Makes You A Member Of Archie’s Group http://bit.ly/2jJQH5W
Legendary Actress Mary Tyler Moore Dies at 80 http://bit.ly/2jJN2oP
Mike Connors, ‘Mannix’ Star, Dies at 91 http://bit.ly/2jJGBlt

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