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Posted By on January 22, 2017

Do This First!

Our very good friend Jocelyn, from Geek Therapist, unexpectedly lost her wife, Kaya Christensen, this Saturday. If you could take a moment to help her family with the funeral costs, we know it would be very appreciated. CLICK HERE TO HELP

World’s Greatest Links! 

Ike Perlmutter’s Role As Trump Advisor Won’t Affect Status As Marvel CEO
Rep. John Lewis’ Graphic Novel Skyrockets After Trump Twitter Storm
Marvel Revises Digital Code Program, Adds ‘Bonus Digital Comics’
DC is Raising Prices, and How Readers Can Take Advantage
Miles Morales Will Headline Sony’s Animated Spider-Man Film
‘Deadpool’ beautifully trolls a “For Your Consideration” awards video


Miguel Ferrer’s Albert Rosenfield Will Always Be the Best Twin Peaks Character
TV’s Jughead Won’t Be Canon, Will Want Sex
NBC’s Powerless Breaks the Canon With a Stupid Wayne Cousin
FOX’s ‘X-Men’ TV Series May Feature Sentinels
Everyone Sings in the Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Will Sing

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