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Posted By on March 19, 2017

Germany Reacts to Merkel-Trump Visit: ‘Could Have Been a Lot Worse’ http://nyti.ms/2mi9ryV
Angela Merkel http://bit.ly/2mhUY5Y
Donald Trump tells Angela Merkel to pay ‘vast sums’ owed to NATO http://bit.ly/2mi21vG
Merkel and Trump can’t hide fundamental differences in first visit http://bit.ly/2mi2HB9
 James Mattis says climate change is already destabilising the world http://ind.pn/2midc7w
John Oliver Blasts Donald Trump’s Wiretap Claim As “Stupid Watergate”! http://bit.ly/2mi1BW4
Report Confirms Fox News’ Napolitano Repeated Russian Media For His British Theory http://mm4a.org/2mi4aap
Russian parliament hits back with probe of American media http://dailym.ai/2midgUE
Majority of young adults in US view Trump’s presidency as ‘illegitimate’: poll http://bit.ly/2mhVeSu
Kellyanne Conway’s husband tapped for DOJ role http://cnn.it/2mi14DD
White nationalist gets his money from cotton fields – and the government http://bit.ly/2mi4LsM
Trump’s ‘major meeting’ on veterans affairs doesn’t happen http://politi.co/2mi5MAU
You could feed 5,967 homebound seniors for a year http://bit.ly/2midD1E
Palm Beach Mayor Says They May Have to Raise Taxes to Pay for Trump’s Visits http://for.tn/2mi3It2


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