252 World’s Greatest Links!

Posted By on April 9, 2017


I didn’t pick up X-Men Gold, but holy shitsnacks: http://bit.ly/2nWrZRP

Donald Trump Interrupts Star Wars to Provoke Actual War http://bit.ly/2pfYk6t
Sweet Christmas, Marvel’s Bringing Back Digital Redeem Codes http://bit.ly/2pfMnOl
Aaron Sorkin Might Start Writing for Both Marvel and DC http://bit.ly/2pg1wz3
Joss Whedon Is Doing ‘Batgirl’ http://bit.ly/2pfWCCf
Artist Oliver Nome Passes Away http://bit.ly/2pfNPAm
NBC Just Ordered a Primetime Show About Advances in Science and Technology http://bit.ly/2pfMGbX
Rainn Wilson Is Going to Bring Harry Mudd to Star Trek: Discovery http://bit.ly/2pfIh8L
First Look at Black Lightning From the CW’s New DC Comics Pilot http://bit.ly/2pfWthX
CBS Chief Leslie Moonves Sees 2016 Salary Soar to $69.6 Million http://bit.ly/2pfMdqj
Bob Newhart, Tom Hanks, Other Stars Remember Don Rickles: ‘A God Died Today’ http://bit.ly/2pg0281

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