255 World’s Greatest Links

Posted By on May 7, 2017

SUPERMAN VERSUS THE KU KLUX KLAN Will Be Adapted as a Movie http://bit.ly/2pQ9mm2
Lana Del Rey-Themed Anthology Comic to Debut At C2E2 http://bit.ly/2oWEL3j
DC Comics Is Starting Its Own Young Readers Imprint http://bit.ly/2pQrb4z
Kevin Feige Thinks That Eventually, Marvel TV and Movies Will Cross Over http://bit.ly/2pQp14N
‘Star Wars’ Rumor: ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Working on an Obi-Wan Movie http://bit.ly/2pQfniK
A Student’s Darth Vader Costume Led to a School-Wide Evacuation on Star Wars Day http://bit.ly/2pQ80ro
Star Trek Discovery Back On For Fall; CBS CEO Talks Netflix Importance http://bit.ly/2pQfpai
William Shatner Says He Is ‘Perfectly Fit’ To Return As Kirk For More Star Trek http://bit.ly/2pQhxyL
‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Teaser Trailer: They’ll No Longer Remain Silent http://bit.ly/2pQhAur
What the Hell Is Marvel’s Inhumans Doing About Medusa’s Wig Situation? http://bit.ly/2pQmd7X

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