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Posted By on May 7, 2017

The FCC Is Investigating Stephen Colbert’s Controversial Trump Joke http://slate.me/2pQk5x3
Paul Ryan Gets Epically Trolled http://bit.ly/2pQk0JE
Walker Flip Flops On Ryancare http://bit.ly/2pQ8pKA
‘It’s Easy To Jeer From The Cheap Seats’: Kellyanne Conway Insults Americans http://bit.ly/2pQfpXT
Reince Priebus Lies About Trump Keeping His Campaign Promises With AHCA Bill http://bit.ly/2pQe4QX
How the Horrific New Republican Health Care Bill Punishes Women http://bit.ly/2pQmKXn
Nellie Bly’s 153rd Birthday http://bit.ly/2pQn6gH
Warren Buffett admits he made a mistake on Google http://cnb.cx/2pQj5sB
Happy Martian New Year! http://bit.ly/2pQcePK

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