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Posted By on December 10, 2017

Effort to shrink Bears Ears National Monument started before Donald Trump was elected president https://goo.gl/9BqTbc
Patagonia Sues Trump Over Bears Ears Monument https://goo.gl/oEAeAw
We stand with Bears Ears and Grand Staircase for the long haul https://goo.gl/dAWjvM
Uranium firm lobbied to have Bears Ears National Monument scaled back https://goo.gl/JXNvE2
Orrin Hatch: Trump ‘didn’t have any choice but to’ endorse Roy Moore https://goo.gl/gsUGRa
Trump praises Utah’s Hatch as intrigue over Senate race builds https://goo.gl/hQ86GB
Chris Hayes Reminds Lindsey Graham Who Called Trump ‘A Kook’ https://goo.gl/bD7y6P
Fox Refuses To Air Ad About How GOP Tax Plan Benefits Trump Family https://goo.gl/2SWkKu
After uproar, Trump backs out of speaking at the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum http://bit.ly/2AQf7pS

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