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Posted By on December 17, 2017

Nasa to hold major announcement after artificial intelligence https://ind.pn/2yMxjvZ
AP Poll: Most Think Trump Has Illegally Or Unethically Colluded With Russia https://goo.gl/mnYmmV
Trump hosted the NRA at the White House https://goo.gl/AFk9Pr
Cards Against Humanity buys piece of the U.S. border https://goo.gl/6ySF4W
The FCC Lied about Net Neutrality https://goo.gl/vLtGvu
Doug Jones’ culture war conundrum https://goo.gl/wgTdYS
This Must Be the Winter of Our Discontent https://goo.gl/qsU2MZ
After Being Cyberbullied, Adult Film Star August Ames Was Found Dead By https://goo.gl/nhAnvw
The Return Of Mike Myers Is Wonderfully Baffling https://goo.gl/w2JW3o

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