378 World’s Greatest Links

Posted By on December 10, 2017

Tarantino And J.J. Abrams Close To Picking Star Trek Screenwriter  https://goo.gl/nVB2FB
Disney–Fox ‘closing in on a deal’ https://goo.gl/2Ke1FT
DISNEY/FOX Deal Could Be Finalized Next Week – Report https://goo.gl/DeQKUQ
FOX and BRYAN SINGER’s Relationship Fizzles After Movie Firing  https://goo.gl/6aw6z4
Soon you’ll be able to hear the sweet sounds of #Wolverine in your headphones https://goo.gl/kmKHu3
Ben Affleck May Quit Playing Batman, And Who’s Top Pick To Replace Him https://goo.gl/QnjDy3
The 8 Comic Book Films In Contention for VFX Oscar Award https://goo.gl/nez5zc
‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer Released https://goo.gl/Dm4xiv
IRON FIST Season 2 Adds STAR TREK Actress https://goo.gl/4U1ETD
Another Founding DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Castmember Leaves https://goo.gl/UeTRXe
Learn BLACK LIGHTNING’s Origin in New Trailer https://goo.gl/K3k9p5

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