282 World’s Greatest Links

Posted By on February 4, 2018

Chris Hardwick Rebrands ‘Nerdist Podcast’ https://goo.gl/bMNbq3
KELLY THOMPSON Signs Marvel Exclusive https://goo.gl/CD6RHe
Danny McBride Plays the Son of Crocodile Dundee https://goo.gl/ybgA3E
‘John Wick Chapter 3’ Cast https://goo.gl/DGc7DT
Mattel Reveals BATMAN FOREVER and ’90s TV FLASH Action Figures https://goo.gl/NnHf9x
DC Allegedly Knew ‘Justice League’ Was Bad and Would Bomb https://goo.gl/qrBqj5
World’s Greatest TV Links
William Shatner Says CGI Technology Is The Key To His Return To Star Trek https://goo.gl/1xYPbi
JOANNE WHALLEY Cast As DAREDEVIL’s Mother, SISTER MAGGIE https://goo.gl/SbWae6
‘The Greatest American Hero’ Reboot With Female Lead https://goo.gl/anSgrj
First Pics of Brie Larson in Costume as Captain Marvel Hit the Web https://goo.gl/bRfZ8U
INHUMANS TV Cancellation Speculation Mounts https://goo.gl/zqSCSv

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