283 World’s Greatest Links

Posted By on February 11, 2018

Firefly canon to expand with series of original books https://goo.gl/VS3doP
Warner Bros.’ Abu Dhabi Theme Park Is Going to Have Some Wild Superhero Rides https://goo.gl/FLtaEU
Indiana Fails to Restore Student’s First Amendment Rights https://goo.gl/TVNw8A
A $500 PC and an AI https://goo.gl/U2KX7X
COMIXOLOGY Giving UNLIMITED Members Exclusive Discounts https://goo.gl/ReaGjJ
Netflix Saves Scifi Film Extinction From, Well, Extinction https://goo.gl/WB2Xd4
James Mangold Would Prefer You Not Call Logan ‘High-Octane’ https://goo.gl/XBmzYK
A Star Trek: Discovery Star Joins the What We Do In the Shadows Reboot https://goo.gl/MhDa9t
Drunk History’s Take on the Legacy of Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols https://goo.gl/NcRjwW
Things Are as Mysterious as Ever In the New Westworld Season 2 Trailer https://goo.gl/FTozZT
NBC’s Jennifer Salke Named Head of Amazon Studios https://goo.gl/4vQdp2
Facebook Orders Elizabeth Olsen Dramedy to Series https://goo.gl/Sp469P

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