284 World’s Greatest Links

Posted By on February 18, 2018

Hasbro Is Getting Into Crowdfunding With an Insane Star Wars Toy https://goo.gl/FyhnuH
Twitter Trolls Are Posting About Fake Assaults at Black Panther Screenings https://goo.gl/1oU9Xg
Leon: Protector of the Playground wins 2018 Award for Diversity https://goo.gl/knqjnp
J.J. Abrams Calls Out Sexist Last Jedi Critics https://goo.gl/x9WgG5
The Books Tied to Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Provide Crucial Connections https://goo.gl/CPq5we
Hasbro Says It Will ‘Reset the Future Directon’ of the Transformers https://goo.gl/x52h4u
The Roswell Reboot Has Found Its Lead Actress https://goo.gl/jSWd1s
The Next Power Rangers Series Is Adapting https://goo.gl/RgoxQa
Harry Connick Jr. Talk Show to End After 2 Seasons https://goo.gl/JXpt4R
‘Originals’ Creator Julie Plec to Direct ‘Roswell’ Reboot Pilot at CW https://goo.gl/dJLx5V

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