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Posted By on February 4, 2018

Trump falsely claims most-watched State of Union https://goo.gl/i8UrdT
Paul Ryan allowed Trump to use State of the Union for fundraising https://goo.gl/dw3dSi
First Take: The ‘Nunes Memo’ Is Even Weaker Than Expected https://goo.gl/ASXdzU
Nunes: I did not read material summarized in the memo https://goo.gl/yhZ23e
The DNC is reportedly ‘dead broke.’ The RNC has nearly $40 million. https://goo.gl/CBBzh3
The G.O.P. Tax Cut Is Draining the Treasury Even Faster Than Expected http://bit.ly/2nH1bGp
Paul Ryan deletes tweet about meager pay raise https://goo.gl/Re1vCW
Antigay pastor and wife arrested after he’s busted for luring kids http://bit.ly/2nEGFWY
Eric Trump says Democrats must clap for Trump if they love Jesus https://goo.gl/ceayZ4
Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle https://goo.gl/KSyEDT

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