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Posted By on March 4, 2018

Trump tells senators: ‘You’re afraid of the NRA’ – video https://goo.gl/UE4hH7
VIDEO – Trump Attacks the GOP and Sides with Democrats on Gun Control https://goo.gl/upSxK4
NRA members on Trump’s plans for gun control: ‘Every word of it was a betrayal’ https://goo.gl/tjDHov
Trump Says U.S. May Give Having a President for Life ‘A Shot Someday’ https://goo.gl/QvbVjc
BONUS – President Trump Suggests Executing Drug Dealers https://goo.gl/X2AGwz
The World’s Greatest WTF of the Week! 
#1 – Utah Lawmakers Made The Worst Rap Ever https://goo.gl/3nB3r8
#2 – White House lock down as man shoots himself on front lawn https://goo.gl/pmeSV4
#3 – Roy Moore issues grievance-laden plea for money https://goo.gl/SLJoDU
Florida Public School Teacher Has A White Nationalist Podcast https://goo.gl/BhFDEZ
After Punishing Delta Over NRA, GA Lt. Gov. Runs To Fox News https://goo.gl/upJyYq

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