WCC Panel Schedule

Posted By on April 27, 2018

FRI 2pm – The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast

FRI 3pm – Getting started as a comic fan- How to find the best books and not get overwhelmed

Jeff Dumas
Rich Bonaduce
Taylor Hoffman
Ryan Cady

FRI 6pm – Movies & TV- Impact on the comic medium

Mitch O’Dell
Cori Hoekstra
Rich Bonaduce
Ryan Green


100pm – Business side of comics- Owning a Geeky/Nerdy Business

Mike Tuiasoa
Charles C Prows
Taylor Hoffman
Eddie DeAngelini

6:00 pm – The comics you should be reading- The best books currently being published

Roger Prows
JC Carter
Philip Sevy
Ryan Cady

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