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Posted By on June 3, 2018

​Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Shouldn’t Testify Because “Our Recollection Keeps Changing” https://goo.gl/KsWmcA
Trump has spent more visiting Mar-a-Lago https://goo.gl/ofW7Dn 
Trudeau: It’s ‘insulting’ that the US considers Canada a threat https://goo.gl/hTMsnK
Trump allies gang up on Gowdy https://goo.gl/DZqc25
‘Roseanne’ Shouldn’t Have Been Revived To Begin With https://goo.gl/RsQ33n 
This televangelist is asking his followers to buy him a $54 million private jet https://goo.gl/Pfmdrb
Top 15 Richest and most Successful Pastors In the World https://goo.gl/UkfWbH
Prosperity theology https://goo.gl/BSezL8
What You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel https://goo.gl/49d8Hm

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