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Posted By on June 10, 2018

2016 – Suicide Rates Climb In U.S., Especially Among Adolescent Girls https://goo.gl/sfPfFa
2018 – CDC: U.S. Suicide Rates Have Climbed Dramatically https://goo.gl/Csye8U
Three-digit national suicide hotline moves a step closer https://goo.gl/eNHo2c
Trump’s White House Won’t Acknowledge June As LGBT Pride Month https://goo.gl/JZ566L
Trump says Coast Guard rescued people who ‘went out in their boats to watch’ Harvey https://goo.gl/4T9NMq
White House says it’s done ‘the best we can’ on hurricane recovery in Puerto Rico https://goo.gl/9G1n64
Donald Trump Says ‘Our Ancestors Tamed a Continent’ https://goo.gl/eUhTzc
State Dept. Spox Cites D-Day As Example Of ‘Strong’ Relationship With Germany https://goo.gl/aR434v
Macron Says G-7 Doesn’t Need U.S., ‘We Don’t Mind Being Six’ http://bit.ly/2sSnxHC
Life on Mars? NASA’s rover Curiosity discovers ancient evidence on the red planet http://bit.ly/2sOj0WG
Democratic Deficit Obsession: A Surrender to the GOP’s Asymmetrical Debt Warfare https://goo.gl/6HKU3G

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