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Stan Lee shares touching tribute to friendly neighborhood Steve Ditko https://goo.gl/ptQhVw
STAN LEE Drops $1B Lawsuit Against POW! ENTERTAINMENT https://goo.gl/TsfS5a
3 indicted for kidnapping ‘Halloween’ actress, actor https://goo.gl/N7uJs9
G. WILLOW WILSON and CARY NORD Take Over WONDER WOMAN Ongoing http://bit.ly/2mhywr9
Keanu Reeves now says Bill & Ted 3 might not be a “reality” https://goo.gl/8UDYMV


Scarlett Johansson exits Rub & Tug following transgender casting backlash https://goo.gl/P55Uu1
Legendary Acquires Film Rights to Animosity Comic Series https://goo.gl/9eu7hf
The Wasp Was Actually Planned to Appear in Captain America: Civil War http://bit.ly/2mjOC3L
You’re Going to Have to Wait Longer for Indiana Jones 5 https://goo.gl/MgUJBU
Jar Jar Binks Actor Ahmed Best Says He Was Suicidal Over Backlash https://goo.gl/DTdP3h









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