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DC Makes BATMAN #50 & CATWOMAN #1 Returnable Due to Retailer ‘Concerns’ https://goo.gl/RaAYRq
A 25-Foot Half-Naked Jeff Goldblum Statue Is Lying Out In London https://goo.gl/cw6qVf
Kelly Sue DeConnick https://goo.gl/oZftGk
Jon Schnepp, ‘Metalocalypse’ Director, Dies at 51 https://goo.gl/HeXHMj
James Gunn exits Guardians of the Galaxy 3 https://goo.gl/iPeJWc
Dave Bautista, Patton Oswalt and others defend James Gunn https://goo.gl/7xg72b
(replacing watched TV this week)
First Shazam trailer https://goo.gl/8dcZm2
The first trailer for DC’s Aquaman https://goo.gl/Cj4jtQ
Glass, Trailer https://goo.gl/c7pizm
Star Trek: Discovery – Official Comic-Con Trailer https://goo.gl/J8vxsX
The First Titans Trailer Is a Brutal Introduction https://goo.gl/rvCsgc
Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer https://goo.gl/4wC3St
Iron Fist Season 2 https://goo.gl/yZZaWY
First Look at ‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’ https://goo.gl/nWict2
Star Trek: Discovery casts X-Men star Rebecca Romijn https://goo.gl/88QscJ
First Look Star Trek: Discovery https://goo.gl/uYQaRV
Nicole Maines on Being TV’s First Trans Superhero https://goo.gl/jJWiya
‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ TV Reboot in Development https://goo.gl/7omSVH
USA Network Cancels ‘Colony’ After Three Seasons https://goo.gl/KL8PwE

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