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Trying something new – every two bad stories get one “good one” 
B – Annapolis shooting suspect “wanted to get revenge,” lawyer for harassed woman says https://goo.gl/nyv21B
B – Capital Gazette shooting suspect harassed woman who warned police he would be ‘next mass shooter’ https://goo.gl/XP8eJ5
G – Guinness to open its first American brewery in 64 years https://goo.gl/zFeM37
B – 12-year-old black kid gets cops called on him for cutting neighbors’ grass https://goo.gl/B5tis5
B – LGBTQ anti-bullying videos is accused of making a heterosexual student feel ‘bullied’ https://goo.gl/xKRn3d
G – ‘Pool Patrol Paula,’ fired after allegedly assaulting black teenager https://goo.gl/85EohH
B – ‘Heat burst’ hits northeastern Plains; overnight temperatures nearly hit 100 degrees https://goo.gl/SSGVsR
B – From ketchup to toilet paper: Canada launching retaliatory tariffs https://goo.gl/ScEzWe
G – Bars can refuse service to Trump supporters, judge says https://goo.gl/vHoj9X
Medical marijuana opponents ask for emergency restraining order blocking it from the ballot https://goo.gl/C9z8Au

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