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Posted By on July 8, 2018


North Korea Calls U.S. Attitude ‘Regrettable,’ Kim Jong Un Refuses To Meet Pompeo https://goo.gl/Y1rymQ
Please don’t call the ambulance, it costs too much https://goo.gl/AyoFb7
Mine Land Previously Protected As A National Monument https://goo.gl/Q79v78
Pure Good And Pure Evil. Guess Which Side Scott Pruitt Is On! https://goo.gl/Le8MVz
Trump freezes Obamacare payment program, leaving insurers scrambling https://goo.gl/h1MXUG
Trump lost track of roughly 20 percent of toddlers’ parents https://goo.gl/FVqkSr
Jim Jordan attacks former wrestlers who say they were abused https://goo.gl/LsK3Wu
Jim Jordan calls police on former students who say he ignored sex abuse https://goo.gl/bmjS6t
UFC Champ Speaks Out Against Rep. Jordan: ‘There’s No Way Unless He’s Got Dementia’ https://goo.gl/Rk2c3p 
Johansson’s flippant response to critics of her playing a trans man https://goo.gl/dsT9Gu
Scholars dismantle the myth policing trans kids’ genders https://goo.gl/pffYV7 

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