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Posted By on August 5, 2018

Comic Book Podcast
A bolder Orville for season 2, confident in its tonal balance https://goo.gl/D51P5C
Mea culpa: Ant-Man’s Michael Douglas admits to not seeing Civil War http://bit.ly/2KtaLGl
Marc Maron confirms role in The Joker http://bit.ly/2MjkRLD
BOOM! Reveals J.G. Jones Variant Cover For Firefly #1 https://goo.gl/7ibx99
Smithsonian-Designed Online Course ‘Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology’ https://goo.gl/2snW3P
Lysa Hawkins Joins Valiant As Editor https://goo.gl/AMco8o
Linda Hamilton Returns as Sarah Connor in First Official Image from Terminator https://goo.gl/3hd9jx
TV Stuff
AMC Fully Reinstates Chris Hardwick as ‘Talking Dead’ Host https://goo.gl/c35iz1
‘Star Trek: Short Treks’ Mudd Episode Will Be “Funny And Weird” https://goo.gl/uFV6Z8
Brent Spiner of ‘Star Trek: TNG’ Cast As Vice President In ‘Supergirl’ https://goo.gl/KDxNPD
Patrick Stewart To Star In New ‘Star Trek’ Series As Jean-Luc Picard https://goo.gl/Eux8Qj
Alex Garland’s Sci-Fi Show Starring Nick Offerman Is a Go https://goo.gl/eEn96G
Matt Groening says Netflix more supportive than Fox ever was http://bit.ly/2Kn9H6V

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