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Posted By on August 12, 2018

In Trump’s White House, Charlottesville was a moment that wasn’t https://goo.gl/eQ24T9
Heather Heyer was buried in secret grave https://goo.gl/87dJZP
Neo-Nazis hope to leverage Alex Jones controversies https://goo.gl/LWzd22
Alex Jones content removed from Twitter https://goo.gl/wieenp
New data makes it clear: Nonvoters handed Trump the presidency https://goo.gl/bCwJ2v
Trump scorches Omarosa ahead of book release: ‘She’s a lowlife’ https://goo.gl/9i49hU
EPA staff objected to Trump administration’s asbestos plan, emails show https://goo.gl/XqtypD
Kobach Is Ahead in Kansas, and in Charge of Counting the Votes https://goo.gl/xtvdT4
Nunes suggested that GOP majority is needed to protect Trump https://goo.gl/f7Svop
Voodoo Doughnut Is at the Center of a Rising Far-Right Conspiracy Theory https://goo.gl/W2vkrP
Trump replays his own rallies on White House dining room TV to show ‘evidence of his brilliance’ https://goo.gl/8vPkzz
Donations sent to Puerto Rico were found rotting in parking lot https://goo.gl/efZuvm
Mysterious ‘Alien’ Radio Signal: Here’s What You Need to Know https://goo.gl/4AaRwW

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