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J.M. Bell

jmbellavatarJeff Bell is a professional writer, part time indie-film maker, musician, wonk and political consultant. He’s been working in and around politics since 1989 when he volunteered on a City Council campaign for free guitar strings. He’s worked or consulted on more than 20 campaigns in 4 different states, mostly in communications strategy, IT design and strategy and campaign management.

Jeff is the former Democratic National Committee  Communications Director for Utah (2005-2007), and the the president of the Children’s Justice Corps, a non-profit entity that educates about sexual and physical crimes against children and lobbies for smarter, long term prosecution and punishment for offenders.

Jeff is also the Creative Director for Defenestrate Media Group, making documentary features, handling graphic design and managing social media internet development for Defenestrate Media clients.

Sgt. Jake, USMC (ret.)

SURPRISE! x3Jake was born again hard on November 10th, 1991, fresh from the fires of the grim reaper near San Diego as a newly minted US Marine. Since that time, he’s become increasingly unstable and easily infuriated at any injustice, any untruth, or appearance of impropriety. He periodically crusades against the corporate corruption of his rosy colored nation state, the U.S.A, when not distracted by …  Oh, shiny! Instead of being institutionalized (again), he joined the only place left accepting – if not encouraging to – people like him… The internet, pursuing 1337d0m, and coming up 404.

JC Carter

JC Carter enjoys another quiet night at the pubJC Carter is a professional writer, web-designer, and graphic designer. In his free time (at least in the free time allowed by his wife and kids), he teaches Tai Chi and Yoga and directs local theatrical productions.

JC has a few absolute political beliefs…

1. Republicans are the reason everything costs so much.
2. Democrats are the reason he has no money.
3. Liberals want him to feel guilty for not supporting crack-whores with his last dollar.
4. Conservatives want him to feel guilty for not accepting Jesus and the Republican party as his personal savior.
5. Ross Perot is a Ferengi.

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  1. I practive both Tai-Chi and meditation on my spare time. It is really good for general health.;~.

  2. i would also like to learn Tai-Chi but there seems to be no practitioner in our area’,*

  3. i find tai-chi a bit harder to learn, but i am really interested in learning tai-chi*.,

  4. Guess says:


  5. Tragamoneda says:

    excelente lgamactes de onteg y prolóico con emproso triaso. emomega a manto y dever candulg con esalia sacho!

  6. Stephen Dubois says:

    Did I hear J C Carter say Mitch McConnell is the congresscritter from Kentucky?

  7. Stephen Dubois says:

    Thanks for the posts, email notifications, podcasts, and everything else you produce. You are giving this 65 year young man many hours of ‘laugh out loud’ experiences. Keep it coming, and I’ll keep contributing – at least until congress votes out Social Security and Medicare.

    Steve D.

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