199 & 270

| January 10, 2016

THE LEFT SHOW  GODDAMN  Capt. Kidd’s treasure found off Madagascar, report says http://cnn.it/1N0at3c Clinton: Aliens may have visited us already http://bit.ly/1N0ewwg Ben & Jerry’s makes ‘Bernies Yearning’ ice cream for Sanders http://bit.ly/1N0fgBy The Pathetic List Of Supplies The Oregon ‘Patriots’ Brought With Them http://bit.ly/1N0ezIL Church Responds to Inquiries Regarding Oregon Armed Occupation http://bit.ly/1N0iEg3 ——-   […]

9-28-2014 Hold 322 & The LEFT Show Links

| September 28, 2014

THE LEFT SHOW LINKS 199c THE NEW THINGS New lessons, new rules, new beginnings – TLS 200 Controversial activist named head of Equality Utah http://bit.ly/1qImlvq Federal Trade Commission brings lawsuit against Big Pharma over ‘pay to delay’ practice http://bit.ly/1DKZJon BANNED BOOKS WEEK Hundreds of Colorado students protest history curriculum http://bit.ly/1DKX6D9 Colorado students walk out to […]

Some Facts on T

| September 28, 2014

Transgender facts Although social acceptance for transgender people is growing, parents continue to abandon youth with gender-identity issues when their children need them most, advocates say. 49 per cent of transgender people attempt suicide. Transgender youth account for 18 per cent of homeless people in cities such as Chicago, but researchers estimate fewer than 1 […]

THE links for THIS week!

| April 27, 2014

Hold 322 Links Salt Lake Comic Con FanX draws 100,000 attendees http://bit.ly/1k8Kjie Bryan Singer Allegedly Drugged And Raped An Underage Boy http://bit.ly/1k8JRAu Hollywood ‘paedophile ring’: Three accused join Bryan Singer in denying sexual abuse allegations http://bit.ly/1k8K9Y5 FIVE YEARS LATER, Grant Morrison’s MULTIVERISTY is finally coming outhttp://bit.ly/1k8Kbz7 Your Newest Comic Movie Is Vertigo’s Hit Federal Bureau Of Physics  http://bit.ly/1k8KfPm […]


| November 11, 2013

139 The LEFT Show – Malachi 3:5

| June 22, 2013

“Thou Shalt Not Be A Stack of Assholes!” Jesus H. Christ Everything old is new again … and all that jazz … taking one from the Gipper … stitching time to save a penny for your thoughts. Or some silly shit like that. JC Carter, Forrest Shaw, and JM Bell are at it again – […]

137 The LEFT Show – Libido LibAYEdo

| June 14, 2013

Warp drive is coming? Egyptians worshiping space rocks? A turbo charger on the female libido? Yes, please! Bob Henline from q-Salt Lake is still with us in the studio, shouting his shouts, and pointing his fingers with JM Bell, Forrest Shaw, and JC Carter. It’s a yell fest, folks, but, in a good way! Perhaps? […]

129 The LEFT Show – No More Library

| May 5, 2013

CLICKY –> 129 The LEFT Show makes my bits tickle Yup, Alex Cragun again! That dude from SLUG Magazine, you might recall him from Monday’s show. Forrest, Ultimate Bob and I welcomed him into the studio to talk about all the stuff below. Jason and Jake are still on their honeymoon, apparently, and we continue to […]

#121 – The LEFT Show – Box of Pastries

| March 22, 2013

#121 The LEFT Show How Many Make A CPAC? Click Above To Listen This is it, my little beauties! The last show before we, The LEFT Show family, go on “Vacation.” Vacation, sadly, in The LEFT Show world means lots and lots of work to do, getting current shows re-invigorated, a couple of new shows […]

Issue #73 – Hold 322 – Mourning Damian?

| March 21, 2013

#73 Hold 322 Jeff is NOT The Pretty One <– Click To Listen This week on Hold 322! I never thought it would happen, but DC managed to make me care that Damian Wayne is dead. Batgirl sheds a few tears, but Batman hangs out in the second stage of grief and gives us two great […]