266 World’s Greatest Links

| August 20, 2017

WORLD’S GREATEST LINKS  Guardians of the Galaxy 2 “Guardians’ Inferno” http://bit.ly/2vTN6Js Deadpool 2 Shuts Down Production Following Stunt Person’s Death http://bit.ly/2vTtYeH Dark Nights: Metal #1 Ends with a Jaw-Dropping Return http://bit.ly/2vTN2tc ‘Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi Film in the Works  http://bit.ly/2vTu1an Daniel Craig Confirms He’ll Return As James Bond http://bit.ly/2vTzuxP The Nightwing/Harley Sex Scene From ‘Batman And Harley Quinn’ http://bit.ly/2igU881 TV […]

337 The LEFT Links

| July 23, 2017

Sean Spicer resigns from post as White House press secretary http://bit.ly/2uN0EZ0 8 People Who Resigned Over Disagreements With President Trump http://ti.me/2uN56XP Anthony Scaramucci admits the source was Donald Trump http://bit.ly/2uMLqU8 Anthony Scaramucci advises Sarah Sanders on her hair and makeup http://bit.ly/2uMjvDS —– Let’s check in on Trump’s major campaign promises http://bit.ly/2uMLEKY The Trump Administration Has Cut More Than $213 Million […]

337 The LEFT Links

| July 16, 2017

THE LEFT LINKS NO TRUMP STORIES Trump campaign paid firm of lawyer representing Trump Jr. before emails were made public http://wapo.st/2tuG1fP Read the Emails on Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia Meeting http://nyti.ms/2tufKhF What the hell.  http://bit.ly/2tukrrI Trump tells Brigitte Macron: ‘You’re in such good shape’ http://cnn.it/2tudN4w ‘Pathetic’: Fox’s Krauthammer shreds conservatives for pretending Trump Jr wasn’t colluding http://bit.ly/2tult6W ————————————————————— GHOMERT! […]

262 World’s Greatest Links

| July 16, 2017

Sam Glanzman, Longtime DC and Charlton Artist, Passes Away http://bit.ly/2tWr4WZ Sean Murphy’s BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT Arrives October 4 http://bit.ly/2tWKsTK Guardians of the Galaxy, Ratatouille, and Tron Are All Coming to Walt Disney World http://bit.ly/2tWGdrF Werewolf Jughead Will Return For His Own Ongoing Comic Series http://bit.ly/2tWrZ9V ‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Chucks Ben Affleck’s Original Script http://bit.ly/2tumP1n TV NEWS  Doctor Who’s […]

336 The LEFT Links

| July 9, 2017

Reporter takes Sarah Huckabee Sanders to task http://bit.ly/2t0C56g Man ‘mistakenly shoots himself’ while attempting counter-protest at anti-fascism rally http://ind.pn/2t0Hw4S —– Women Employed By The Mormon Church Can Now Take Maternity Leave And Wear Pants http://bit.ly/2t0HcmF —– Hobby Lobby forced to return 5,500 looted Iraqi artifacts http://bit.ly/2t0yoxl RANT – mainstream media http://bit.ly/2t0NdQx —— MUSIC Roger Waters – Is This the Life […]

335 The LEFT Links

| July 2, 2017

How Late-Night Hosts Reacted to Trump’s Mika Brzezinski Tweets http://bit.ly/2t6A0J8 NBC’s ‘Timeless’ Relocating Production to California to Receive Tax Credit http://bit.ly/2t6kA7y —- LDS Church weighs in on medical marijuana ballot initiative in Utah http://bit.ly/2t6BAum —- SpaceX successfully completes two Falcon 9 landings in one weekend http://bit.ly/2t6pqC2 Nasa spokesperson forced to deny that space agency has put child sex slaves […]

333 The LEFT Links

| June 18, 2017

Betsy DeVos Moves to Help For-Profit Schools Defraud Students http://bit.ly/2rKxhRC Report: Special Counsel Mueller is investigating Jared Kushner’s finances http://bit.ly/2rKusQK Mark Hamill Clarifies His Alarming Statement on Luke in The Last Jedi http://bit.ly/2rKQ7Ij Kevin Smith Is Currently Shooting a Horror Movie Called Killroy Was Here http://bit.ly/2sfWqr3 Chaffetz: ‘I Don’t See Much Difference Between The Trump […]

258 World’s Greatest Links!

| June 18, 2017

NEWS Peter Sallis, Voice of Wallace and Gromit’s Wallace, Dies http://bit.ly/2rjteLS The Bat-Signal Shined In Los Angeles to Honor Adam West http://bit.ly/2rJk8Iq Adam West, Straight-Faced Star of TV’s ‘Batman,’ Dies at 88 http://bit.ly/2rjzGTj Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Already Knows Sequel’s Setting http://bit.ly/2rjnUZ4 Tom Holland Visits Children’s Hospital Dressed As Spider-Man http://bit.ly/2rjArLT The backlash to […]

331 – The LEFTY Links

| May 28, 2017

SEGMENT ONE  Gregg Allman, Southern Rock Pioneer, Dead at 69 http://rol.st/2qwxwPC On JFK’s 100th birthday, Trump repudiates his legacy http://bit.ly/2qwDm3B ***** Trump Team Stands by Budget’s $2 Trillion Math Error http://nbcnews.to/2qwCkEN Trump Embarrasses Nation: ‘I Never Said Word ‘Israel’ To Russians’ http://bit.ly/2qwrbUw Europe can no longer ‘completely depend’ on America, Merkel says http://bit.ly/2qwxKq1 —-   […]

330 The LEFT Show Links

| May 21, 2017

SCARDY-TRUMP  Trump cancels visit to ancient Masada site https://goo.gl/wsJ5o0 How Trump gets his fake news http://politi.co/2qEeavj NATO reworking summit for Trump http://bit.ly/2qElXsV Fox host Jeanine Pirro abruptly cuts video of Trump bowing to Saudi King  http://bit.ly/2qEjXRt MISSING THE POINT  GOP – Ryan: More audio leaks ’cause for concern’ http://bit.ly/2q9lJqt MEDIA – Chelsea Manning posts 1st […]