| February 18, 2018

Survivors of deadly school shooting lash out at Trump https://goo.gl/AiF2Sp Florida school shooting: Students to march on Washington https://goo.gl/tRQQaQ Paul Ryan Repeats the Same Thing After Every Mass Shooting but Does Nothing https://goo.gl/uNVrBH HOMEWORK – Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms https://goo.gl/GLQvC8 Lawmakers take on Tide pods with call for regulation https://goo.gl/Q3LDfV Ted Cruz Introduces Bill […]

284 World’s Greatest Links

| February 18, 2018

Hasbro Is Getting Into Crowdfunding With an Insane Star Wars Toy https://goo.gl/FyhnuH Twitter Trolls Are Posting About Fake Assaults at Black Panther Screenings https://goo.gl/1oU9Xg Leon: Protector of the Playground wins 2018 Award for Diversity https://goo.gl/knqjnp J.J. Abrams Calls Out Sexist Last Jedi Critics https://goo.gl/x9WgG5 The Books Tied to Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Provide Crucial Connections https://goo.gl/CPq5we Hasbro Says […]

360 The LEFT Show Links

| February 4, 2018

Trump falsely claims most-watched State of Union https://goo.gl/i8UrdT Paul Ryan allowed Trump to use State of the Union for fundraising https://goo.gl/dw3dSi First Take: The ‘Nunes Memo’ Is Even Weaker Than Expected https://goo.gl/ASXdzU Nunes: I did not read material summarized in the memo https://goo.gl/yhZ23e — The DNC is reportedly ‘dead broke.’ The RNC has nearly $40 million. https://goo.gl/CBBzh3 The G.O.P. Tax […]

282 World’s Greatest Links

| February 4, 2018

Chris Hardwick Rebrands ‘Nerdist Podcast’ https://goo.gl/bMNbq3 KELLY THOMPSON Signs Marvel Exclusive https://goo.gl/CD6RHe Danny McBride Plays the Son of Crocodile Dundee https://goo.gl/ybgA3E ‘John Wick Chapter 3’ Cast https://goo.gl/DGc7DT Mattel Reveals BATMAN FOREVER and ’90s TV FLASH Action Figures https://goo.gl/NnHf9x DC Allegedly Knew ‘Justice League’ Was Bad and Would Bomb https://goo.gl/qrBqj5 World’s Greatest TV Links William Shatner Says CGI Technology Is The Key […]

World’s Greatest 280

| January 7, 2018

World’s Greatest Links Industry Pros Wish STAN LEE a Happy 95th Birthday https://goo.gl/ggDNk4 The Girl Who Was Death, Has Died https://goo.gl/oNiyVt New Guy in Charge of Warner Bros.’ DC Superhero Films https://goo.gl/UYwMwg Marvel Launches ‘Create Your Own’ Comics Platform https://goo.gl/qqJvrg SHE-HULK Ends In March https://goo.gl/dDgLao Canadian Town Wants To Erect WOLVERINE Statue https://goo.gl/vJaLbq TELEVISION Content Shifter: 8 (Serial) Killer TV Series http://bit.ly/2AAFLPI […]

277 World’s Greatest Links

| December 2, 2017

 SDCC vs SLCC goes to court https://goo.gl/bMcYau Marvel’s White EiC Admits to Impersonating Asian Writer https://goo.gl/N19UoC MARVEL HEROES Shuts Down Earlier Than Expected https://goo.gl/QpvKkT CYBORG Cancellation Confirmed https://goo.gl/zaHLF9 JUDE LAW In Talks To Play Marvel’s CAPTAIN MARVEL https://goo.gl/zgXQbo   TELEVISION NEWS  Titans: Your Guide to Who’s Playing Whom on the DC Streaming Series https://goo.gl/R3Sqvg Here’s Your First Look at Titans’ Robin https://goo.gl/QaugT9 […]

World’s Greatest Links 249

| March 12, 2017

World’s Greatest News Stan Lee Cancels Weekend Con Appearance Due to Health http://bit.ly/2mezJxd RAGNAROK is looking pretty rad in new photos http://bit.ly/2mezvGn Marvel to Advertise Comics in Movie Theaters and on Television http://bit.ly/2met7yH Logan Blu-Ray Will Contain Black & White Version Of The Film  http://bit.ly/2meri4Y TELEVISION NEWS  The CW Renews ‘The 100’ for Season 5 […]

#248 World’s Greatest Links

| February 26, 2017

World’s Greatest News! The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast http://bit.ly/2mqD1P3 Giant-Sized Thor’s Hammer & Batarangs Could Be Yours This June http://bit.ly/2mqTLFZ Hayao Miyazaki Officially Comes Out of Retirement, Again http://bit.ly/2mqUcQz The Batman: Affleck, Johns Welcome Reeves to the DCEU  http://bit.ly/2mqODS8 X-Force Movie Gets A Director, Ryan Reynolds Co-Writing http://bit.ly/2mqAunU TV NEWS Starz Sets ‘American Gods’ […]

#246 World’s Greatest Links

| February 5, 2017

World’s Greatest Links  Affleck Steps Down as Director of “The Batman” http://bit.ly/2jNvzQe Everything’s Orwellian: School Removes Animal Farm from Curriculum http://bit.ly/2jNCqt8 DC’s ‘Gay, Southern Gothic’ Snagglepuss Comic Introduces Augie Doggie http://bit.ly/2jNwD6F GLAAD Awards nominate 10 comics in 2017 http://bit.ly/2k9br7o Vault Comics launches next month with lesbian Viking saga  http://bit.ly/2k9v4fD TELEVISIONING!  Kristen Stewart Drops F-Bomb During […]

#245 World’s Greatest Links

| January 29, 2017

TWG LINKS Actor John Hurt of ‘Elephant Man,’ ‘Midnight Express’ and ‘Alien’ dies at 77 http://cnn.it/2jJQgbP Reynolds Graciously Comments on Deadpool’s Oscar Shutout http://bit.ly/2jJJN0u Warner Bros. Thinks Ryan Reynolds Would Be Green Lantern Again http://bit.ly/2jJIzSQ New York Times Drops Graphic Novels Best Sellers List http://bit.ly/2jJQdgj IDW’s Jem and the Holograms Takes a Bow in April, […]