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Posted By on April 1, 2018

The Trump White House’s Intern Program Is Once Again Very, Very White https://goo.gl/ANsPFa
Ingraham takes week-long break after mocking Florida shooting survivor **AP** https://goo.gl/BsMkPQ
All the Advertisers That Dropped Fox’s Laura Ingraham Over Parkland Survivor Tweet https://goo.gl/qDCvCv
Trump official quietly drops payday loan case https://goo.gl/C52JFY
Kellyanne Conway on avoiding opioids: Eat the ice cream, have the french fries https://goo.gl/C2bw5W
Top Banks Pumped Billions More Into The Dirtiest Fossil Fuels Last Year https://goo.gl/sWGxt9
DA Krasner Promised a Criminal Justice Revolution. He’s Exceeding Expectations https://goo.gl/RdxaH7
SpaceX Given Go-Ahead For Broadband Satellite Services Plan https://goo.gl/j8z9Km
Liftoff! Used SpaceX Rocket Launches 10 Iridium Satellites into Orbit https://goo.gl/3TVNXF

World’s Greatest Links 

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World’s Greatest Links 
Over 150 Comics Stars Will Contribute to Image Comics’ Vegas Shooting Anthology https://goo.gl/FU7RRa
Superman’s Underwear Will Be Back https://goo.gl/fV1FsT
‘Smallville’ Actress Allison Mack Is Accused of Recruiting for an Evil Sex Cult https://goo.gl/DxBryG
Former Cult Spokesperson Expects Smallville’s Allison Mack to Be Arrested Soon https://goo.gl/QT1P9V
Gina Rodriguez Will Play Carmen Sandiego in a Live-Action Movie https://goo.gl/SfLixm
Charity Fundraising to Honor Helen Bachalo https://goo.gl/Y819iH
SKRULL Easter Egg Confirmed in Original GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Movie https://goo.gl/pLhFjS
Television News 
Deadpool Drama Deepens Due to Donald Divulging Dank Script https://goo.gl/N5uCf2
Rejected Test Footage for FX’s Deadpool Show Offers a Look at What Could’ve Been https://goo.gl/SHVmLN
Hulu Has Passed on the Locke & Key Pilot, But It’s Being Shopped https://goo.gl/YHXa5L
WILLA HOLLAND Exits CW’s ARROW https://goo.gl/58mraA
Arrow Is Recruiting a Few Familiar Favorites for the End of Season 6 https://goo.gl/PszZC6
CW Is Finally, FINALLY Going to Stream Live Via Hulu https://goo.gl/RGMeHt

366 The LEFT Links

Posted By on March 18, 2018

Toys ‘R’ Us Jingle https://goo.gl/tXCPqC
TOYS ‘R’ US Closing All U.S., Over 30,000 To Lose Jobs https://goo.gl/B2ZKJG
Cambridge University’s Touching Tribute to Stephen Hawking (1942 – 2018) https://goo.gl/sUuLwp
Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is fired — and fires back https://goo.gl/yortWv
Trump Is Firing Everyone Who Could Stop a War With Iran https://goo.gl/7dTrKC
Thanos brings the fight to Wakanda in the final Avengers: Infinity War trailer https://goo.gl/YMLdAc
One of the greatest mysteries surrounding Prince has been solved https://goo.gl/7ekKSg

288 World’s Greatest Links

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LYNDA CARTER To Receive HOLLYWOOD Walk of Fame Honor https://goo.gl/c53iMq
HAWKMAN Returns in Ongoing Series https://goo.gl/y7e7r2
ZDARSKY Signs MARVEL Exclusive, Allowed to ‘Do Whatever He Wants (Maybe)’ https://goo.gl/Piaw4b
NICOLAS CAGE Finally Gets To Play SUPERMAN https://goo.gl/iis5j8
Danny Boyle Announces He’s Directing Daniel Craig’s Final James Bond Film https://goo.gl/LqtP4A
DO WE? Report: Things Aren’t Going So Well for Stan Lee https://goo.gl/PNcbKp
Here’s How Krypton Is Going to Change What We Know About Superman’s Past https://goo.gl/c9jD5s
AMC Will Host 30+ Hour MCU Marathon Ahead Of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Premiere https://goo.gl/LZ9tQm
PSA: Marvel’s Black Panther Animated Series is Streaming for Free on YouTube https://goo.gl/XvxBJR

365 The LEFT Show Links

Posted By on March 11, 2018

Bisexual patients face hurdles in getting culturally competent mental health care https://goo.gl/xg9FQ8
Men are pretending to be cops and targeting sex workers https://goo.gl/64LtQf
Paul Ryan says he’s not interested in Trump’s potential $130,000 campaign finance violation https://goo.gl/hMHdMC
Utah Accidentally Sends Picture of Topless Woman to Every Lawyer in the State https://goo.gl/MF7zrb
Bill to take guns from severely mentally ill stalls in Utah State Legislature https://goo.gl/kEcNXj
RELATED – NRA sues Florida over plan to put age limits on rifle purchases https://goo.gl/kEcNXj
The World’s Greatest WTF of the Week! 
#1 – Trump Fans In D.C. Are Whining That No One Wants To Date Them https://goo.gl/ZdQsAK
#2 – Catholic Archbishop Says Pedophilia Is ‘Spiritual Encounter With God’ https://goo.gl/yWFuQ6
#3 – Trump Thinks Only Black People Are on Welfare https://goo.gl/ZmhNtm
Geek Squad’s Relationship with FBI Is Cozier Than We Thought https://goo.gl/dRSdNq
80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games https://goo.gl/XP8Ywz

287 – World’s Greatest Links

Posted By on March 11, 2018

World’s Greatest Links
‘Black Panther’ Crosses $1 Billion at Global Box Office https://goo.gl/x3NwQt
MS. MARVEL’s Catchphrase Added to MERRIAM-WEBSTER Dictionary https://goo.gl/LU69mb
DC Unveils All-Star ‘Black Label’ Imprint https://goo.gl/Qfi4bK
KRISTEN WIIG Confirmed as WONDER WOMAN 2’s CHEETAH https://goo.gl/5hiNZL
HAL 9000 Replica That Uses Amazon Alexa to Control Your Home, Dave https://goo.gl/CKWaZk
Flashpoint Has Closed the Deal on Two Directors https://goo.gl/p8rvZa
Netflix Is Turning Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Comics Into a Cinematic Universe https://goo.gl/pCvYSb
AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Showrunners Writing Season Finale as Series Finale https://goo.gl/pyNTBj
‘Lucifer’ Showrunner on Whether John Constantine Could Appear https://goo.gl/9dANMn
‘The Punisher’ Season 2 Has Started Filming https://goo.gl/bHLUsD

286 Wakanda’s Greatest Links

Posted By on March 4, 2018

SANDMAN UNIVERSE Launch Titles’ Solicitations https://goo.gl/ecjd5A
CAPTAIN AMERICA Relaunching https://goo.gl/sgG6Bp
Avengers: Infinity War Will Also Be a War on the Wallets of Hot Toys Collectors https://goo.gl/o7Db3U
The Logan’s Run Remake Just Got a Director https://goo.gl/eeJonB
Kristen Wiig May End Up Being the Villain of Wonder Woman 2 https://goo.gl/bcdH4k
Chris Hemsworth Is Reportedly Circling Sony’s Men in Black Spinoff https://goo.gl/tYkVFa
ERIKA MOEN & MATTHEW NOLAN Want To Teach You About Sex https://goo.gl/t3Xfvv
AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Writing Season Finale as Series Finale https://goo.gl/pyNTBj
Netflix’s Stretch Armstrong Show Will Let Viewers Pull the Story in Different Directions https://goo.gl/mNZHfA
Listen to James Gunn’s ‘Secret’ Guardians Awesome Mix Vol. 0 https://goo.gl/SDejnC

364 The LEFT Links!

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Trump tells senators: ‘You’re afraid of the NRA’ – video https://goo.gl/UE4hH7
VIDEO – Trump Attacks the GOP and Sides with Democrats on Gun Control https://goo.gl/upSxK4
NRA members on Trump’s plans for gun control: ‘Every word of it was a betrayal’ https://goo.gl/tjDHov
Trump Says U.S. May Give Having a President for Life ‘A Shot Someday’ https://goo.gl/QvbVjc
BONUS – President Trump Suggests Executing Drug Dealers https://goo.gl/X2AGwz
The World’s Greatest WTF of the Week! 
#1 – Utah Lawmakers Made The Worst Rap Ever https://goo.gl/3nB3r8
#2 – White House lock down as man shoots himself on front lawn https://goo.gl/pmeSV4
#3 – Roy Moore issues grievance-laden plea for money https://goo.gl/SLJoDU
Florida Public School Teacher Has A White Nationalist Podcast https://goo.gl/BhFDEZ
After Punishing Delta Over NRA, GA Lt. Gov. Runs To Fox News https://goo.gl/upJyYq

285 World’s Greatest Links

Posted By on February 25, 2018

World’s Greatest Links 
Ordering Physical Comics Books Is About to Get Slightly Easier https://goo.gl/VrTzGG
Marvel Comics Announces a Line-Wide Overhaul in 2018 https://goo.gl/16gJRE
Dreams of Owning The Matrix Phone Can Finally Be Fulfilled https://goo.gl/W8TXpa
Joss Whedon Quits the Batgirl Movie: ‘I Really Didn’t Have a Story’ https://goo.gl/TbF9Sf
‘Black Panther’ Tops $700M With Record-Breaking 2nd Weekend https://goo.gl/QPcBX6
The People of Wauconda, Illinois, Would Like You to Stop https://goo.gl/EtP8tb
His Dark Materials TV Series From BBC https://goo.gl/4EC9e2
David Tennant Promises the Good Omens Show Is ‘Faithful’ to the Book https://goo.gl/WUq7Xd
Marvel Is Making the Awesome Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Into a TV Series https://goo.gl/6WFkUH
Amazon Is Turning Iain M. Banks’ Iconic Culture Books Into a TV Series https://goo.gl/9vFXQ5
Very Serious Look at Netflix’s Lost in Space Reboot https://goo.gl/2JbysH


Posted By on February 18, 2018

Survivors of deadly school shooting lash out at Trump https://goo.gl/AiF2Sp
Florida school shooting: Students to march on Washington https://goo.gl/tRQQaQ
Paul Ryan Repeats the Same Thing After Every Mass Shooting but Does Nothing https://goo.gl/uNVrBH
HOMEWORK – Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms https://goo.gl/GLQvC8
Lawmakers take on Tide pods with call for regulation https://goo.gl/Q3LDfV
Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Strip Federal Benefits From Married Same-Sex Couples https://goo.gl/uCEezt
Sarah Silverman Calls On Jews To Stand Up For Palestinian Ahed Tamimi https://goo.gl/h7cexE
Comics retailers’ shocking claim: Diversity isn’t killing comics sales https://goo.gl/PZWWvu