143 The LEFT Show – That Happy Feeling

Posted By on July 11, 2013

There’s nothing like a hot and muggy studio, stuffed full with three fat guys (one with a busted up ankle, even), all hyperventilating and angry at the world. Now, add in that they forget what the hell show they’re doing, and you’ve got this episode of The LEFT Show! JM Bell, JC Carter, and Ultimate Bob Easton are breaking down the finer points behind the news. Jason Williams is back with a new The Sidetrack AND a new Bat Shit Crazy … Wow.

143 The LEFT Show – GIGGITY <– Click To Listen


Here, then, are the cited sources:

Cassini SCIENCE! http://bit.ly/14AsDpt
Bare Breasts In A Mosque: Outrageous Feminist Protest Is Hard To Ignore http://bit.ly/14AsSRx
State Department Spent $630,000 on Facebook ‘Likes’ http://bit.ly/14At2bB
Behind the Rise in House Prices, Wall Street Buyers http://nyti.ms/14AvRcv
Obama’s Brilliant Move Deals A Blow To The GOP’s 2014 Hopes http://bit.ly/14AtlTu
Tucker Carlson Advocates A Black Market For Health Care http://bit.ly/14Atne4
Maher: GOP Hates Plan B and HPV Vaccine Because They Remove God’s Punishment For Sluts http://bit.ly/14AtKFH
Oregon Legislature Unanimously Passes Tuition Free Higher Education http://bit.ly/14Au8UC
Opinion: Members of Utah Legislature use office for power http://bit.ly/14Aufzt
House creates panel of 9 to investigate A.G. John Swallow http://bit.ly/12Mgiyn
Rolly: LDS legislators bend to tough master http://bit.ly/14AupH9
Why do post-apocalyptic people dress like morons?  http://bit.ly/14Av0Zh
In our opinion: Ruling in DOMA case needless, thoughtless, damaging http://bit.ly/14Avhvv VS
Human Rights Campaign President says Utah will have Marriage Equality within 5 Yearshttp://bit.ly/14AviQ0
Right-wing preacher condemns Star Trek Into Darkness for bestiality http://bit.ly/14AvYVE
25 Quotes From The Founders That Will Enrage The Tea Party! http://bit.ly/14Aw1k1
University Of Denver Students, Staff Outraged At Plans To Give Bush Humanitarian Awardhttp://bit.ly/14AwhzM

Issue #84 – Hold 322 – Forever Alone

Posted By on July 5, 2013

This week on Hold 322! JC Carter is out of town getting in touch with the outdoors (if you know what I mean) so JM Bell and Ultimate Bob Easton are running the SHOW! (Sorry about that). We’ve got the the Batman / Superman title, advice for teenaged super heroes, and Bob’s Question of the Week!

All in all, not too shabby an episode really.

84 Hold 322 JC Reads Panels …. in HELL! <– Click To Listen!


Comic book writer and Mattel fight a legal battle over He-Man and The Masters of The Universehttp://bit.ly/18nTB7X
There will soon be TWO competing Game of Thrones porn spoofs http://bit.ly/18nTFV0
Is Superman the Antichrist?  http://bit.ly/18nTJnX
Rumor: Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill Asked to Get in Shape for Episode VII http://bit.ly/18nTHw5
Doctor Who fans raise enough money to put a TARDIS into orbit http://bit.ly/18nTLfq

142 The LEFT Show – Why, what an ass am I …

Posted By on July 4, 2013

Tanner Tuttle takes a shot at redemption as he joins J.M. Bell, Forrest and Robert once again on a very, very somber (if still silly) episode of The LEFT Show. We finally get to cover all the news we missed last week due to the important telling of fetus masturbation jokes. Look … who else is going to miss a giant Texas filibuster to give you Womb Liberation humor? No one else, that’s who.

142 The LEFT Show – Now With FLAVOR! <- Click To Listen



141 The LEFT Show – Proverbs 20:30

Posted By on June 28, 2013

“Blows cleanse away evil, and beatings purge the innermost parts,” said Onan, with an eyebrow waggle.

Mississippi and Texas are instituting a Poll Tax on the same day that the SCrOTUS went and gutted the Voting Rights Act. When you get arrested for protesting institutionalized and now government sanctioned discrimination, you no longer have the Right to Remain Silent, again thanks to SCrOTUS. I have no hope, no optimism, for tomorrow, in particular, and a lot of the tomorrows to come.

As I write this, the heroic Sen Wendy Davis of Texas spent nearly 13 hours filibustering a #GOPwow bill in the Texas legislature, only, it seems, to have the TX GOP pretend to pass the bill bill anyway.

We, at The LEFT Show, JM Bell, Forrest, Ultimate Bob, and Melissa Merlot, pre-recorded this episode, so, while all this history is happening … we’re talking about animal buggery and fetus masturbation. So, there’s that.

141 The LEFT Show – He Bob, She Bob, We Bop <– Click To Listen

141_The_Left_ShowHere’s your links!

naked female scientist tries to tame belugas in the freezing Arctic  http://dailym.ai/11xVxXn
The Hypocrisy … it Burns – THE US GOVERNMENT! 
NSA: Senators Who Back NSA Spying Oppose Gun Background Checks For Infringing Rights  http://huff.to/11xObD9
Marco Rubio Embarrasses Himself While Trying to Bash Obama on Syria  http://bit.ly/11xRavi
Widespread Ignorance in Congress About Nuclear Weapons  http://bit.ly/11xSxtT
‘Cantastic’ smells success cleaning stinky garbage cans  http://bit.ly/11xU9nA
4 ways to go camping without pitching a tent  http://bit.ly/11xUlTU
Woman dressed as vagina stops attack on man dressed as penis  http://bit.ly/11xVLh2
TV Chef Paula Deen’s Plantation Nostalgia And The Resentments Of Racists  http://bit.ly/11xWe2T
‘Spanking for Jesus’ Is Exactly as Fucked Up as It Sounds http://bit.ly/11xVTxc
‘Spanking for Jesus’ movement lets God-fearing husbands feel good about punishing their wives  http://bit.ly/11xVY41
#1 – Cuts to Food Stamps Considered  http://abcn.ws/11xVdYC
#2 – Comments by Rep. Michael Burgess About Fetuses Masturbating Not Based in Science http://bit.ly/1404K91


Issue #83 – Hold 322 – Who’s Captain Midnight?

Posted By on June 27, 2013

22972This week on Hold 322… Captain Midnight returns, we get a man-out-of-time story, but with a twist. Ultimate Cloak and Dagger get an origin issue in Ultimate Spider-Man, Age of Ultron concludes with the requisite multiple endings. Captain Marvel cuts a deal and finds out who she’s up against, Superior Spider-Man faces a “Hobson’s Choice.” In the Avengers books, it’s Black Panther vs Namor, all hands on deck for prelude to infinity, and the mutant debate causes a rift.

We also talk about Joss Whedon, 90 episodes of classic Doctor Who have been found, we may get a Y the Last Man movie (maybe), and Liefield had a bad idea. Bob asks: “who are the top 10 Superman villains of all time?”

All this and Adam West and Burt Ward! Face front, true believers… It’s Hold 322!

#83 Hold 322 Podcast – 616 <– Click To Listen



“‘Image United’ is the best worst idea that ever existed”  http://bit.ly/14r1t31
Rumours of discovery of 90 lost Dr Who episodes send fans into frenzy  http://bit.ly/14r16p9
Did Sony Announce Its Spider-Man Plans To Force Disney To Pay Up?  http://bit.ly/14r140w
Joss Whedon Talks Man of Steel and The Avengers 2  http://bit.ly/11xT3YZ
Y: The Last Man movie might actually get made!  http://bit.ly/14r1949
Salt Lake Comic Con announces the Dynamic Duo are coming to Salt Lake! http://bit.ly/14r1qEh

140 The LEFT Show – Blue Moons and Patent Suits

Posted By on June 27, 2013

Melissa Merlot is BACK! AND she says she’s happy to be added to the rotating guest list. What do you think folks? I’m excited! So … there was some news, and we talk about it. JM, Forrest, and Ultimate Bob, with Merlot! Pretty simple system, really.

140 The LEFT Show – PODCAST-TASTIC! <– Click To Listen



For the first time, scientists have grown the embryos of an extinct species  http://bit.ly/11xSTkp
Podcasting Community Faces Patent Troll Threat; EFF Wants to Help http://bit.ly/11xV47y
The “Podcast Patent” Dispute http://bit.ly/11xUQNE
Teen HPV Rates Were Cut In Half After The Vaccine Went Public  http://bit.ly/11xOnCl
Ex-Miss America called ‘street walker’ by GOP chair  http://usat.ly/11xOM80
Apologies Instead of Action  http://ti.me/11xPKkt
Joss Whedon Talks Man of Steel and The Avengers 2  http://bit.ly/11xT3YZ
This week in Gay
Blogger Hints That U.S. Congressman Will Be Outed as Gay Soon  http://bit.ly/11xPouf
ALEX SENT – Louie Gohmert discusses his sexual orientation … at work!  http://bit.ly/11xPqCn
Rush Limbaugh Married 4 Times, Links Gay Marriage To Pedophilia  http://bit.ly/11xTZfS
‘Ex-Gay’ Group Exodus International To Close And Become ‘Reduce Fear’ Ministry  http://bit.ly/11xVsTD


139 The LEFT Show – Malachi 3:5

Posted By on June 22, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Be A Stack of Assholes!” Jesus H. Christ

Everything old is new again … and all that jazz … taking one from the Gipper … stitching time to save a penny for your thoughts. Or some silly shit like that.

JC Carter, Forrest Shaw, and JM Bell are at it again – in the studio and up in your headspace. Jason is back with an ALL NEW … SEGMENT? That’s right folks, Bat Sh@t Crazy is getting a new host, and Jason is launching – SIDETRACKED!

139 The LEFT Show – Bible, Bitches! <– Click To Listen


The Closing HymnBUY THIS!

Here are your links!

Texas Gov Rick Perry mistakes Lebanon for Libya, then says liberals don’t know much http://bit.ly/16viY4g
Police: St. George man claims he had sex with unconscious woman to ‘save’ her life  http://bit.ly/16vjkry
Boy Scout leaders chastised for marching in Utah Pride Parade  http://bit.ly/16vj5Nd
Boy Scouts take heat for greeting Romney on Utah visit  http://bit.ly/16vj8bU
Gay Teen Comes Out to Parents in Graduation Speech, Shouts Out Beyonce  http://bit.ly/16vjgrC
Miranda Kerr Was A Guest On ‘Fox & Friends’  http://bit.ly/16vjizN
SEAL Team 6 veteran comes out as transgender  http://bit.ly/10MQqSE

Issue #82 – Hold 322 – The Shat Has Hit the Fans

Posted By on June 21, 2013

This week on Hold 322… Salt Lake ComiCon scored a major win and booked William Shatner as a guest. We have a public service announcement for “Man of Steel,” Marti Noxen reboots Laura Croft, and we have the battle of the Spocks! Scott Snyder hits two out of the park with Superman Unchained and Batman’s Zero Year. Guardians of the Galaxy and Wolverine end their first arcs, and the Thors Three bring the hammers down! Bob asks should fans believe Internet rumors for superhero movies?

All this, and JC downsizes the hold! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

82 Hold 322 – Jeff is the tall one <– Click To Listen


138 The LEFT Show – Bad Sides

Posted By on June 21, 2013

Sometimes you find bad things where once there were bright and shiny things. Sometimes you go back to a place – or a figurative, but not literal, time – you once loved, and certain fondnesses are found long discarded and crumbling: forgotten and abandoned. Sometimes …

Sometimes memory is just a total liar. The brain can not be trusted!

JC Carter and Forrest Shaw joined me – the loveable JM Bell – in the studio to kick around Attorney John General Swallow and a few other wingers of various colors and extremes. It’s a lot of fun! Listen in!

138 The LEFT Show – Podcast Excellence-ish! <– Click To Listen


Closing Hymn (I’m obsessed by this singer)

Here, my little dinky dos, are your links:

Swallow Files … 
Swallow reaching out to lawmakers who may be asked to impeach  http://bit.ly/16v6Sbf
John Swallow lawyers: Impeachment proceedings not justified  http://bit.ly/16v6WI3
Gov. Herbert says he would have fired Swallow by now, Swallow responds  http://bit.ly/16v70aI
BREAKING: Swallow to the Utah Legislature: Impeaching Me Would Be Illegal  http://bit.ly/16v76iF
Utah Supreme Court Rulings Say NOT Illegal to ImpeachJohn Swallow  http://bit.ly/16v79uL
Speaker Lockhart Sends 4th Email To Legislators On Impeachment  http://bit.ly/16v7fCD
GOPper Files #GOPwow
GOP: Rape Is Just Nature’s Way of Keeping Women Out of Military  http://bit.ly/16vhXct
GOP Congressman: Pregnancy Rate From Rape Is ‘Very Low’  http://bit.ly/16vi47Q
Maine GOPer: Men’s Brains More Concerned About Health Costs  http://bit.ly/16vi7QZ
Larry Flynt ‘Never Met a Republican Who Wasn’t… in His Heart a Racist’  http://bit.ly/16vikne

Issue #81 – Hold 322 – Up, Up and Away!

Posted By on June 14, 2013

AOS01This week on Hold 322… A new cast member joins Angel and Faith, Star Trek goes with Amok Time following Into Darkness, Scott Snyder is trying to keep Vertigo alive with The Wake, Earth 2 gets a new Batman, Justice League of America hammers the last nail in its coffin on page 8 of issue #4, and Savage Wolverine and Indestructible Hulk end their respective story arcs. Meanwhile, we learn JK Simmonds will not play J Jonah Jameson in Amazing Spider-Man 2, Quantum Leap predicted Superbowl XXX, and Denver ComiCon stepped on their weenies. Bob asks “what book have you put off reading?”

All this and the Adventures of Superman! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

#81 Hold 322 – 616 Achieved. Oh, boy. <– Click To Listen