Issue #76 – Hold 322 – For Boston

| April 27, 2013

This week on Hold 322 – as we remember the true heroes in Boston this past week, we look on with lackluster enthusiasm at two of DC’s offerings in the hold this week, putting both Batwoman and Nightwing on the chopping block. Still, Justice League was great, but with so many disappointments in this series […]

Issue #0 – Hold 322 – Best Of Hold 322

| October 21, 2012

For one bright and shiny Issue, JC and Jeff were joined in the studio … by a lady! Holly Braithwaite: hotty, humorist, and intellectual dropped into the Defenestrate Broadcast Network Studio to pretty up the place, and liven up the broadcast. Please enjoy this rare, limited run, mint condition Issue of JC Carter’s Hold 322 with J.M. Bell. CLICK […]

Issue #50! Hold 322 – Holy sh*t! We’re 50!

| September 27, 2012

This week on Hold 322… Night Owl loses his virginity and we get to see the origins of Nightwing, Catwoman and Batwoman. Also Jon’s favorite Charlton/DC character makes his first appearance in the new 52… naturally, he’s worried. Marvel Marketing continues their new trend of ruining comics. This time with The Ultimates. Speaking of Ultimates, […]

Issue #49 – Hold 322 – Go for the Gold

| September 20, 2012

This week on Hold 322! Marvel spoils the big surprise in Avengers Vs X-men, which should really come as no surprise, but it’s still irritating. Meanwhile, Marvel finally gets it right with an AvX crossover issue, warning us to read AvX #11 first. Deadpool shows up in Spider-Man‘s dreams. We learn the true secret origin […]

Issue #48 – Hold 322 – Exciting AND New

| September 14, 2012

This week on Hold 322… Hawkeye hits his target, and the event I’ve been waiting for in Ultimate Spider-Man has finally happened. Meanwhile DC has gone the route of Dracula 2000 with the Phantom Stranger, while Green Lantern goes controversial, but still tells a good story. Meanwhile, we learn more about the new Star Trek […]

#67 – The LEFT Show – The No Rape Cabin

| August 30, 2012

Oh, my heck. Jon, Forrest and JM Bell are in the studio and it’s like the world is on fire and we’re the firemen … you know, after the comic book talk. Soledad O’Brian is back with another BRAVE ACT OF JOURNALISM! The President of The United States finally answers questions about his religion the […]

#66 – The LEFT Show – Call It A Cow

| August 25, 2012

Jake, Forrest and Jeff are back in the studio paying homage to the badassery that is Soledad O’Brian! Chaffetz, Sununu and Pawlenty all fall beneath her massive powers of “asking questions” and “challenging their fact free speaking style.” Paul Ryan has a problem telling the truth, even AFTER he’s handed the documents that prove he’s […]

#65 – The LEFT Show – Tellin’ me no, no, no!

| August 25, 2012

Friend of the show Brian Faulkner dropped in to the studio to join Jake, Forrest and Jeff in saying farewell to Labor Leader and Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Judd. We take apart the GOP Congress and the failure to address the simple fact that more than 50% of the counties in America – 50% […]

#64 – The LEFT Show – Where’d you go?

| August 16, 2012

This episode of The LEFT Show is a doozy of its type – Jake, JC, Forrest and Jeff gather in mourning as we lose George Soros to the perils of “traditional marriage,” but we get over it pretty quick with tales of manly prowess and making fun of Rep. Paul Ryan. We look back at […]

#63 – The LEFT Show – Gimme A Break

| August 14, 2012

The whole gang is here tonight, Jeff, Jake, Jon and Jorrest*. Star Trek NEWS starts off the week’s news, and good news it is, too. Then, of course, we move into Romney Watch 2012, and drop a new name on the segment, now that Rep. Ryan has taken the Alpha Male spot on the GOP […]