Issue #49 – Hold 322 – Go for the Gold

| September 20, 2012

This week on Hold 322! Marvel spoils the big surprise in Avengers Vs X-men, which should really come as no surprise, but it’s still irritating. Meanwhile, Marvel finally gets it right with an AvX crossover issue, warning us to read AvX #11 first. Deadpool shows up in Spider-Man‘s dreams. We learn the true secret origin […]

Issue #43 – Hold 322 – In Russia, Comics Hold You

| August 9, 2012

This Week on Hold 322! It’s the single greatest Hawkeye story ever written. It’s one of the single greatest comic book stories ever written. What is it? Hawkeye #1 by Matt Fraction and David Aja. Meanwhile, we learn about the new creative teams being assigned to Marvel Now’s renumbered titles, and try to guess what […]

Issue #37 – Hold 322 – Suck a Rhino

| June 27, 2012

This week on Hold 322… Wedding bells are ringing, and not everybody is happy about it, but at least they have the good grace to keep it to themselves. Voodoo Child gives me a story worth reading (finally). Dick Grayson decides to go the Bruce Wayne route in Gotham, without Bruce Wayne. Carol Danvers DECIDES […]

Issue #33 – Hold 322 – Unresolved Confliction

| May 30, 2012

This week on Hold 322… Marvel jumps on the Archie bandwagon, but are stand up guys for a 4 year-old kid. Dan Harmon gets fired from Community… why are we talking about Community? They talk about comic books. The GI Joe movie runs scared from the Avengers all the way to March. Jeff asks what […]

Issue #32 – Did you miss us?

| May 24, 2012

This week on Hold 322! JC and JM return with new offerings from Galactus’ Snack bag. Nightwing‘s battle with his ancestor continues and the story finally gets epic. Meanwhile, Catwoman defends the Penguin from his Talon attacker. I think she could have waited a bit longer, but that’s just me. Justice League gives us a […]