Too often our lawmakers talk about education as if they’ve stumbled onto the perfect model, and need not consider any alternative approaches. But the needs of Utah’s children and workforce are constantly changing and providing the best education we can requires creative approaches and innovative ideas. Should we be afraid to address problems in public education? No. Should we be so eager to gut public education and hand it off to the highest for-profit bidder? Absolutely not. As your representative, I will work to bring all sides to the table, and give Utah families a greater voice than the special interest groups currently driving the debate.

The cornerstone of a vibrant and healthy economy is a highly educated workforce. Growing businesses look for it. Every one of us benefits from it. And our economy depends on it. But our lawmakers have been willing to settle, again and again, for second best. It’s time to put personal agendas aside and lead the nation in education. It’s time to get to work!