Jobs and Economy

We need leaders who don’t just talk about family values but actually value families.

Parents are working harder to keep up with the cost of living, often taking two jobs to make ends meet, and seeing less – and less of their families and children. We need an economy that works for people who work for a living, giving parents the chance to read to their kids and teach them the values that made this country strong and prosperous.

We need leaders who will make our public schools the best in the country and stop attacking the expertly trained, expensively educated and highly motivated teachers because previous legislators have woken to discover that their meddling hasn’t worked.

We need leaders who will make the Disabilities Waiting List a thing of the past in Utah, so people who need help can get help when it’s needed and not years later. We need to stand up for people work for a living so that they can take their kids to the doctor when they’re sick and seniors can pay for their medicine and not fight to maintain a status quo in health care that is gutting our families and bankrupting our communities. We need leaders who walk the walk for Utah’s families, not just talk the talk.

We need to return to fundamentals on the economy, starting with investing in Utah and America again: in small businesses and new industries that put people to work; in public education, technical schools, and affordable college tuition so that our children will become workers that can compete in the global economy;

We need leaders that will invest in new energy sources that reduce the price of gas, create millions of jobs, and free us from our dependence on petty dictators in unstable regions for their oil. We need leaders that will protect Utah and maintain our way of life; keeping billions of dollars of tourist money in the state instead of gutting our resources and for small change as billions in irreplaceable resources and profit leave our state forever. 

Returning to fundamentals means stimulating the private sector but not letting big businesses abuse the public trust. With the price of gas and groceries skyrocketing and people turning to their credit cards to make ends meet, we shouldn’t be letting credit card companies raise their rates and hide extra fees in the small print. And returning to fundamentals means ending wasteful government spending, eliminating tax cuts for the super-rich, and deploying our troops wisely so we don’t overburden both our military and our economy.