I’m not entering lightly into this political contest. Truth be told, I’d much rather participate from the side lines as an active, voting by-stander. So, how did I get here? I got fed up.

I make a small part of my living and a large part of my reputation with informed outrage of one sort or another. It kept me on the air at KSL NewsRadio for three years and it’s the reason I’ve won a pair of Best of Utah designations from the Salt Lake City Weekly. For years, I’ve had the privilege of venting professionally.

The last few legislative sessions, however, have just piled on the absurdity faster than I can shed my shocked disbelief; which is saying something.

How many years in a row must the people of Utah continue to be punished simply because we choose to live in this otherwise incredible state? How many years in a row are we told by the Utah County Legislative “leadership” that we cannot afford to fix the disabilities waiting list while we spend millions and millions of taxpayer dollars defending unconstitutional morality bills?

Our teachers are under attack; more Utahns are struggling hand to mouth as we’re maneuvered to a part time, retail economy; our children are receiving less and less from their education – and why? The Utah County control of our legislature has targeted common sense and good government for attack, and there are not enough people willing to stand up for everyone else.

Over the next few months, I’d like to share with you the myriad of reasons why you should vote for a fighter, an advocate and a guard dog for Utah House District 43. You deserve a voice, not a rubber stamp. Keep checking back, join the conversation, and let’s move toward the future together.

Jeff Bell