On-Time, Under Budget, Holy Crap That’s Good, Creative Professional

The simplest way to define “who I am” and explain a few things “about me” is: A one stop, do it all, print, audio, video, branding, corporate identity, marketing strategy, internet savvy, tall, sandwich-loving, team player.

Cliché as it sounds, I can be left alone in a small space and hit my deadlines, and I can work on a team with a smile and a positive attitude.

As you can see, my skill set is quite varied. This comes from my ability to quickly learn new things and acquire new skills to match the requirements and budgets of the clients I’ve had over the years. I learn new things freakishly fast, too.




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Save yourself the trouble of looking at all those other resumes you received.
Seriously, you can use the extra time to learn a new language,
teach yourself how to play a musical instrument, or watch a cooking show.

Hiring me offers you the chance for self-improvement. How cool is that?